Saturday, April 13, 2013

Other people's money

I never bought into the Diana sainthood thing, nor the various conspiracy theories around her death. Whilst I kind of sympathised with her landmine campaign, I could only see it benefiting those insurgents who were being blown up by them. She campaigned successfully to remove a defence from our troops, our armed forces have taken casualties because insurgents can approach their camps a lot closer than they ought too. Yes the civilian casualties were bad, but they were mainly due to landmines left over from the insurgents, not regular armies.
The Princess Diana Memorial Fund, to which millions of her admirers donated money, has been hijacked by Left-wingers to fund a pro-immigration propaganda campaign.
Directors of the charity set up a secretive project called Changing Minds and then channelled hundreds of thousands of pounds into a string of associated organisations.
The aim of the scheme is to alter British attitudes to immigration – which are currently in favour of far stricter border controls.
Among some of its most successful achievements, it lists the establishment of a new ‘independent’ think-tank – criticised by a Labour MP as a front for Left-wing views on immigration.
The Migration Observatory is advised by a senior journalist on the Left-wing Guardian newspaper, and the husband of its star columnist, Polly Toynbee.
Yes, the left have always been pretty free with other people's money, seeing it as an extension of their aims and desires and anyone who objects is some sort of fascist/racist/bigot. That they wish to promote the ruination of this country by mass uncontrolled immigration is no surprise. They do the same over any cause designed to emasculate, ignore, dilute and drive the UK people into a place they simply do not wish to be, hence their support of islamist groups and those involved in the grooming scandal.
Every country needs to control immigration, the results of failing to do so are pretty self evident to the UK public. Yet to left wingers this is suppose to be part of an end game where people take to the streets and 'they' will lead the inevitable revolution, forgetting that in most recent revolutions, it's the left who go to the wall first.
Left wing thought (for given values of thought) seems mired in taking from all to pay for something no-one other than the left wants. Their attempts to do so need to be constantly publicised until the day comes when these people have no influence on society at all and the term socialist is viewed in the same way Nazi is today.

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