Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hitting a nerve somewhere

You can normally tell when a minor political party is starting to hit a nerve when smear stories start to come out in the MSM about the activities (true or otherwise) about its leadership whilst ignoring pretty much the endemic corruption of the mainstream parties. And so we have a hatchet job by the mail on Nigel Farage...
So, Mr Farage, why does UKIP's leader have a German wife? ...and did she make you kip in the spare room over that 'seven-times-a night fling' with a Latvian?
First mistake is of course assuming that UKIP being anti-EU is actually anti-European, it's often the first mistake deliberate or otherwise that the EUphiles fall into as well. I suspect most people who support UKIP rather like Europeans, but cannot stand the government they've allowed to happen which overrules our laws and rights and believes it can do no wrong.
A lot of people don't seem to like UKIP ­ leader Nigel Farage. They roll their eyes and dismiss him as brash and vulgar - part used-car dealer, part public-school fool, 'utterly unembarrassable' and 'a poor man's Boris Johnson'.
They mutter about the BNP, a supposed tryst with a very passionate Latvian lady and the £2 million of EU expenses that he claimed over ten years 'to prove a point'.
They do, however, all know who he is. Because, love him or loathe him, he's impossible to ignore - blasting the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, as having 'the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk'; dismissing Robert Kilroy-Silk as a 'vain, orange buffoon and a monster'; camping it up on TV's Have I Got News For You; or dangling upside down from the wreckage of a light aircraft in the middle of an election campaign, UKIP rosette still flapping.
Well the so called intelligentsia of the political classes must really have a burr up their arse if this is how they are going to play the game, not that I suspect Farage gives a damn. It's a pretty much predictable hatchet job by the left leaning political classes who don't like the idea that the people of the UK might just vote for something they hate in an exit from the EU and an end to mainstream party politics in the UK leaving them adrift from the levers of power for the first time in nearly sixty five years. So I suspect that the Tories are in somewhat of a funk over Farage, as they see him as the guy leading a party who will take votes away from them at the next election and let Labour in. Not that I think Labour particularly like him or his party either as they've shown that if the circumstances are right then UKIP can take Labour votes too. As for the Lib Dems, well they're still coming to terms with actually getting the blame for what the government does and seem likely to struggle in the next general election as they are now seen as 'establishment' and UKIP as the protest vote.
I expect we'll see a lot of this sort of thing over the next couple of years as we head towards elections, UKIP are on a roll, though whether or not they'll actually get any politicians into Westminster is debatable. Still it's nice to see the establishment rattled for once.

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Anonymous said...

Hear, hear, they're definitely getting my vote.

delcatto said...

They are also getting my vote.