Sunday, December 30, 2012

I doubt he thinks he's British...

How people define themselves will tell you a lot about them, I define myself as English, certainly not British and definitely not European, despite the best efforts of the various hierarchies to jolly me along into those beliefs. Scots and the Welsh do the same, though the Protestants of Northern Ireland regard themselves as British simply because those whom they see as the opposition regard themselves as Irish. Yet there are those born here who do not regard such national definitions as the be all and end all, they use another far more dangerous category...
A British man has been detained in Mauritania amid reports that he was trying to join up with an Islamic terror group in the Sahara desert.
The Foreign Office (FCO) said they are investigating reports that a British national had been detained in the African country.
The man was allegedly held on the border between Mauritania and Mali as he attempted to cross the vast Sahara desert on foot to join up with terrorists linked to al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). An FCO spokeswoman said: "We are aware of reports of the detention of a British National in Mauritania and are seeking further information." Islamists have seized control of northern Mali, including the ancient desert city of Timbuktu. They have imposed Sharia law, carried out public executions, stoned to death a couple accused of adultery and destroyed mausoleums listed as world heritage sites.
So why do I have the feeling that this 'man' will not regard himself as British at all? Unless of course it's to claim benefits for all sorts of freebies. No, this 'man' I suspect will believe that he's a muslim and that killing the infidel is the be all and end all of his existence, except when it comes to raping infidel women. Oh I've no doubt if it does turn out that he was born here his local mosque and parents will try to keep up the fiction that somehow he'd been led astray or they never suspected etc. Yet it's becoming ever more obvious that he's actually the archetypical muslim, the one that follows the quran and sets out to slay the enemies of islam.
No, this man is not British, but a muslim, a true muslim and one that really ought to be put down like the rabid dog he's chosen to be.

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Dioclese said...

Nicely put!

Anonymous said...


Very well put.

To all the loony multikultists out there, cogitate on this analogy: a rottweiler born in a cattery doesn't make it feline. A rottweiler raised as a cat will eventually revert to type, wreaking havoc in the cattery.

England is the cattery, and there are a hell of a lot of rabid rottweilers reverting to type.


English Pensioner said...

I've always considered myself to be English and still do. But I discovered from the 1911 census that my grandfather was in fact Swiss, something that comes in useful when filling in forms requiring my ethnic origin. I carefully insert "Anglo-Swiss" and hope it confuses the computers and jobsworths!

Tarka the Rotter said...

MMMm how about enacting a law which automatically strips any British citizen of his/her citizenship if they go off to Pakistan seeking islamofascist groups for the purposes of jihad?

Anonymous said...

I'm desperately ashamed that I have a British passport, but have recently managed to get a cover that says Scottish Passport.

I want no part in the reputation that Britain has abroad for being a tiresome meddling, inefficient country always poking its nose where its not wanted as directed by the USA, and run by a load of "Tim not nice and extreme Dim sorts".

I'd have loved to have been born Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Faroese or Greenlandic, and wouldn't at all have minded being called Scandinavian.

I don't think people should kill Muslims just because they are Muslim. Trouble with doing that is we'd have to kill all the other Muppets that believe in someone in the sky controlling them and telling them what to do... whether it be blowing stuff up, of buggering little choir boys.

Although, when you come to think of it, not a bad idea.

Fahrenheit211 said...

In the past I've been against the idea of making people stateless for various reasons. During World War II too many who were 'stateless', ended up being sent to the very regimes they were trying to escape from.

However, radical Islam is such a threat that maybe Britain should disregard the UN rules on statelessness and start to strip 'British' Muslims who go to fight for jihad overseas or agitate for Shariah law in the UK, or behave in a similar agressive manner, of their British citizenship, even if they are born in the UK or converted to Islam.

Despite big reservations about the use of statelessness as a weapon, I feel that the threat posed by much of Islam is so great that this procedure should be tried.

Andy said...

I wouldnt remove their statehood,but the treason laws should be reinstated including hanging and then any UK passport holder who engages in this type of activity be tried for treason,once these guys start getting 40 year stretches and doing every day of them(in grim Soviet style prison camps in remote and rainy areas) and the more hardcore types get the noose, that should get the message across.