Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scares over

Well all those people who went into hysterics over the 'evidence' (or lack of) that using a mobile phone would somehow end up microwaving your brain can breathe a sigh of relief as a study shows that the daft buggers should have known better.
MOBILE phones were yesterday given a clean bill of health after scientists found no evidence linking them to cancer. Research concluded low-level electromagnetic fields from phones and transmitters do not increase the risk of health problems.
It flies in the face of some studies which also linked mobile use to male infertility.
The Mobile Operators Association welcomed the Norwegian Institute of Public Health report.
It said: “It is consistent with the findings of the overwhelming body of evidence from a huge number of studies over the past two decades.”
Not that I expect people to believe this, there is a lot of evidence out there that electromagnetic energy can cause problems with your body, though admittedly it has to do with standing in front of radar masts and next to tv transmission masts. There are always scare stories out there the measles, Mumps, Rubella combined injection was one, sitting too close to the tv is another as is going blind from the practice of Onanism.
What's happening now though is that people are becoming jaded or inured to the efforts of so called experts and the state to scare us into doing things their way. Did the scare of you head exploding stop people using mobiles? Well no, other than a few parents panicking and removing their little darlings mobiles from them whilst ignoring the microwaves, computer monitors and tv's which also give off electromagnetic radiation.
There are simply too many scare stories these days, which is a bit worrying as one day a real scare might happen and we'll ignore it and die. The MSM are to a certain extent to blame, they'll big up any story they believe will get them viewing numbers.
But in the end time will tell and we're still here, still going no matter what they tell us.
Till the next big scare of course...

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Anonymous said...

GM Food

James Higham said...

Next generation are all going to have three eyes and club feet.

Barman said...

We're all living longer apparently - in spite of the vast amount of electromagnetic energy that we are now exposed to.

banned said...

Last time I saw a scare story about this (D. Telegraph)
Mobile Phones Mat Cause Child Cancer
"Just because our study of previous reports has not found a link between mobile phones and cancer of the children this does not prove that such a risk is not there"

Personally my scare story of choice for this week is astrologic collision by an On-Earth Intra-Terrestrial Object.