Thursday, September 20, 2012

The real rip off is by the government

Another day, another article about fuel prices and the fact that the pump price doesn't reflect the barrel price. Mostly though missing the point on who makes the biggest take on the price...
The AA motoring group found drivers are consistently paying around 5p more for diesel at the pumps, even though it is often the same price as petrol on the wholesale markets.
The price of both fuels has almost reached the record high seen in April, with petrol at 140.21p per litre and diesel is now 144.6p per litre.
However, at three times this year, including this month, diesel has actually been cheaper than petrol on the international markets.
It now costs just over £70 to fill up a typical 50-litre family car with petrol and £72.30 to fill up a diesel one.
 Completely missing the point that 60% + is taken by the thieving government in duty and VAT. so what we could be paying is £28 and £28:92 at least according to the article, perhaps even less. The rate could be up to 64% or more rake off.
Just think of the boost to the economy if the government would give up on grabbing so much cash from a natural resource. Fuel affects the price of just about everything we buy or do, from groceries to travel, the money it would put back in our pockets along with the increasing competitiveness of our industries and goods.
Probably some stupid EU rule about it though, along with a Westminster politicians almost unnatural ability to see things to spend our cash upon, rather than save us some money by leaving it in our pockets.
Yes, that's right, it will never happen so long as we keep voting for the avaricious incompetents...

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Robert the Biker said...

The actual figure of direct and indirect taxes plus VAT is about 72% of the price, about 2/3rds of the remainder is actual cost (which of course includes the delivery) and the last is the profit for the retailer. I work in Oil and Gas which is how I know.
The AA know too, so the duplicitous fuckpigs can