Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's a start

Back in January I posted that you wouldn't read about a certain trial in the MSM. At the time the judge had made it clear that any attempt by the MSM or indeed as it turned out blogs and debating boards to even mention the trial or defendants would bring down the wrath of the law via a contempt of court summons.
Various blogs immediately pulled the content and stringent rules prevented any mention in a lot of debate boards too. Still, the story was too big to be hidden and eventually the Daily Mail broke cover (they at least could afford to test the water) and it was game on, so to speak as a plethora of other linked cases hit the news at pretty much the same time, all with the same modus operandi and all concerning the grooming of underage girls be members of a certain religion of peace from the same ethnic national group.
Well the trial is over though still not all the details have emerged.
Nine men who ran a child sexual exploitation ring in Greater Manchester have been jailed.
The men from Rochdale and Oldham, who exploited girls as young as 13 were given sentences ranging from four to 19 years.
They were found guilty of offences including rape and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.
Liverpool Crown Court heard the group plied five victims with drink and drugs and "passed them around" for sex.
The girls were abused at two takeaway restaurants in the Heywood area of Rochdale by the men aged between 24 and 59. The takeaways are now under new management.
The 59-year-old ringleader, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was also convicted of two rapes, aiding and abetting rape, sexual assault and trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation. He was sentenced to 19 years in prison.
The eight other men are:
  • Kabeer Hassan, 25, of Lacrosse Avenue, Oldham, was sentenced to nine years for rape and three years, concurrently, for the conspiracy conviction.
  • Abdul Aziz, 41, of Armstrong Hurst Close, Rochdale, also convicted of trafficking for sexual exploitation, received a nine year sentence.
  • Abdul Rauf, 43, of Darley Road and Adil Khan, 42, of Oswald Street, both of Rochdale and also convicted of trafficking a child within the UK for sexual exploitation, received six and eight years respectively.
  • Mohammed Sajid, 35, of Jephys Street, Rochdale, also convicted of one count of rape, sexual activity with a girl under 16 and trafficking for sexual exploitation, was jailed for 12 years.
  • Mohammed Amin, 45, of Falinge Road, Falinge, also convicted of sexual assault, received a five-year jail term.
  • Hamid Safi, 22, of Tweedale Street, Rochdale, also convicted of trafficking girls for the purposes of sexual exploitation, has been sentenced to four years. He will be deported to Afghanistan at the end of his sentence.
  • Abdul Qayyum, 44, of Ramsay Street, Rochdale, was jailed for five years.
Two of the defendants on trial were acquitted.
The BBC are as ever coy about the ethnicity of the men along with the link via religion too, though the names and the pictures in the article are a dead giveaway, however they are Muslims of Pakistani origin simply following their cultural mores which is to treat their own women in general as second class citizens and all other women as prey. The Judge did say this, however the BBC conveniently blanked this out...
Judge Clifton told them: "All of you treated (the victims) as though they were worthless and beyond respect."
"One of the factors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion.
"Some of you, when arrested, said it was triggered by race.
"That is nonsense. What triggered this prosecution was your lust and greed."
Martin Narey, former chief executive of children's charity Barnardo's, said there was "troubling evidence" that Asians were "overwhelmingly represented" in prosecutions for street grooming and trafficking of girls in towns such as Derby, Leeds, Blackpool, Blackburn, Oldham and Rochdale.
For Asians of course read Muslims of Pakistani origin. As again the powers that be attempt to hide the obvious.
I'd still like to know why the ringleader cannot be named especially as he's already branded the judge and jury ‘racist’ and was eventually barred from returning to court.
Naturally the race industry is out in force today saying we shouldn't brand a whole community for the actions of these men. However trials in Birmingham, Telford and Oxford have already shown that when it comes to the underage grooming of girls, there's only one group involved, male Muslims of Pakistani origin.
Says it all really.

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Anonymous said...

I would hazard a guess that the ringleader cannot be named because he is still waiting trial on other (similar?) charges or as a result of his actions in court.

Ann said...

Hang 'em all, they're disgusting pigs swill. I am so ashamed of my country when they put the rights of Pakistani muslims ahead of British children. I completely and utterly dispair at what we've been turned into by the likes of politicians, the BBC, Guardianistas, looney left do-gooders and Europe. Shame on them all, I hope they rot.

Durotrigan said...

There was a surprisingly honest interview on BBC News 24 this evening (in spite of rather than because of the BBC interviewer I hasten to add), in which criminologist Mark Williams-Thomas made the strongest imaginable (I had to pinch myself because of his forthrightness - and on a BBC programme too!) case that this style of grooming was carried out in the overwhelming majority of cases by men of Pakistani and Afghan origin. He reiterated this fact several times, very forcefully! I think that the EDL have certainly contributed to the authorities now having to grant at least some public acknowledgement to the reality of this problem, so all credit to them for having helped to bring about this sea change.

Woman on a Raft said...

I'd still like to know why the ringleader cannot be named

Usually there are two reasons, but who knows?

1) the person is involved in other cases where the Crown don't want him to be able to move for dismissal on the basis that he's already been identified. The courts are becoming amazingly paranoid about this.

2) the person is involved in other cases where the victims are close family members who are entitled to anonymity and therefore he cannot be named without identifying them.

Umbongo said...

It seems from the Alison Pearson column in the Telegraph that "the 59-year-old ringleader was banned from court for calling the judge a “racist bastard”" Accordingly there might be a contempt of court hearing in the offing - hence the silence.

DerekP said...

Durotrigan: "...the EDL have certainly contributed to the authorities now having to grant at least some public acknowledgement to the reality of this problem..."


Before the EDL marches I cannot recall any action being taken against these crimes!

Maybe there were a few people who spoke about it briefly, but the smearing use of the 'racist' epithet soon quietened them.

It may be worth checking on which community leaders and politicians tried to smother the truth in this way. Effectively they contributed to more child-rapes!

Now, instead of crying 'RACIST' to avoid the truth, the smear words are 'FAR RIGHT'!

Going by CH4 reporting the MSM are much more concerned with labelling the EDL 'far right' than in identifying the many (perhaps hundreds of) child rapists who were 'clients' of this gang. Maybe MSM embarrassment at being upstaged by the EDL, or maybe more multi-culti 'community politics'?

Another issue the MSM seems determined to ignore is just how long the crimes appear to have been officially condoned! It's disappointing there still doesn't appear to be any action against what appears to be the perpetrators of official collusion, which probably includes most of the years of NuLiebore (mis)rule.