Thursday, May 10, 2012

My God, the BBC admit it...

I blogged yesterday about the conclusion of the trial in Manchester and the conviction of those men for grooming underage girls for sexual purposes. I also mentioned that the BBC were very coy about the identity of the men involved, though admittedly the names and the pictures were a dead giveaway.
Yet amazingly today on the BBC website there is a candid disclosure that the men aren't "Asians" (a massive slur on all Asians who do not appear to be involved in this activity)
The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester has said more arrests are likely in connection with a child sexual grooming ring in Heywood.
Peter Fahy said he hoped more victims of sexual abuse will come forward after nine men were jailed on Tuesday.
The men, from Rochdale and Oldham, who exploited girls as young as 13 were given sentences from four to 19 years.
Five girls gave evidence, but police believe there may have been up to 47 victims.
The nine defendants, eight of Pakistani origin and one from Afghanistan and aged between 24 and 59, were found guilty of offences including rape and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.
Mr Fahy said there had been "a number of arrests" in other sexual abuse cases and there were "a number of other trials pending".
For the first time the BBC have actually admitted which community these men are from, they've even noted that there are more ongoing trial and more arrests likely, the implication being that these men will also be from the same community (they are, it's no secret out here in internet land you can even find out the name of the mane who cannot be named for legal reasons if you go looking)
Yet this admission also has the hallmarks of a BBC attempt to focus attention away from the activities of other extremist elements within the Islamic community.
Still, it's unusual for the BBC to even admit there is a problem within a specific community, even today most of the MSM were determined that these men were "Asians" truth having little to do with actual reporting. There are still ongoing trials in Liverpool, Oxford and Telford, these men are apparently "Asians" too.
Unless or until we get "honest" reporting of all the facts in this country, rather than what the media/government think we ought to know, this sort of thing will fester in the background and when it does break the results will be far more extreme than had it been openly dealt with in the first place. Tarring an entire continent for a crime was not a good start.

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Anonymous said...

May be they read your blog! Hope they do - more common sense is spoken.

DerekP said...

"Tarring an entire continent for a crime..."

Maybe the BBC have had some complaints from other Asians who object to being smeared for a crime with which they have absolutely no connection, other than the racist reporting by the BBC and other MSM who give preference to their political ideology rather than to truth and facts.

Tarka the Rotter said...

Did you watch the panel discuss this on Question Time last night? falling over backwards to blame the teenage victims for 'selling themselves for a bag of crisps' (Peter Oborne), blaming parents and social services and police (Caroline Spelman MP) and flatly denying it had anything to do with race culture or religion...disgraceful.

wiggiatlarge said...

Tarka, I was about to make the same point, Oborne in particular hadn't a clue about the facts of the case and misquoted the the Judges summing up, it was like watching a panel of Uriah Heeps lookalikes, Spelman even had the cheek to when asked that the race issue should not be avoided, agreed, and then went on to avoid it!.

Anonymous said...

The BBC admitted also (R4 yesterday) that the Olympic torch-lighting ceremony had no historical basis but had been dreamt up by the Nazis. Replica goddesses the lot. iThe guy said that the flame went on tour in Europe, shortly followed by - as he actually said - the jackboot! So the BBC is managing to get yer actual facts out on occasion.

Anonymous said...

Dear Quiet Man

I've not followed links but relied on quotes from sources on various blogs, so I may have missed another word which seems to be not applicable to 'Asian' men: paedophile.

Had the culprits been European, they would have been vilified for running a paedophile ring, not a "child sexual grooming ring".

Am I wrong? And if not, I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if Oborne was deliberately trying to mislead with his "What was is the Judge said? The MEN were not part of the community..." But one would expect a leading Telegraph journalist to be aware of the facts of the case.