Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I don't care any more

When it comes to the Human Rights Act and the abuses allowed by its poorly written and complex legislation I'm way past caring. I don't care if murderers have the right to a family life, same with fraudsters and illegal immigrants, to me their is no right to a family life if you break the laws of this land, particularly if you aren't supposed to be here in the first place.
AN illegal immigrant and benefits fraudster is still living in a council flat in one of London’s smartest areas as she uses human rights laws to fight deportation. Joy Chishimba, from Zambia, has been allowed to stay in the Chelsea property even though she used a fake British passport to defraud taxpayers out of £34,000.
A Whitehall insider said the 26-year-old single mother is only here because “she’s got a kid who was born in the UK”.
Her lawyers will argue that separating her from her two-year-old daughter would breach Article 8 of the Human
Rights Act 1988, guaranteeing a right to family life.
The Home Office is thought to have granted Chishimba discretionary leave to remain until at least 2014.
As far as I'm concerned she can take her daughter with her or put her up for adoption, what she shouldn't be able to do is use her to blackmail the state into allowing her to stay. Sorry if this sounds callous, but I fail to see why we should even be supporting this woman at the taxpayers expense at all, never mind allowing her legal aid to appeal.
This woman should have been out of the country having been asset stripped en route so fast it should have taken her breath away. Instead she's using the legal system to milk the taxpayer and make fools of us all and this is what passes for justice today, sadly.

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Bill said...

It really is looking like the only way to force common sense to break out from its EU created Jail of Conformity is to stop paying taxes.

Problem is for most taxpayers (the people not directly employed by the state) it's a step too far... at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Cultural Marxism at its finest - just turn law and order on its head...

Anonymous said...

Scuse me, but what the F***?

I'm English (born and bred). I made the mistake of having a relationship with a Portuguese woman which resulted (probably intentionally on her part) in my son (whom I'll never regret). We weren't (thank god) married and after she'd emptied my bank accounts, run up some sizeable debts in my name (yeh, I know - naive is my middle name) she left (with immediate access to so much help and benefits she told me she wished she'd done so earlier) taking my son only because she got more benefits 9she'd ignored him for years before then, and yes the courts gave her, alcoholic, mental health problems and all custody - yes I do know how to pick them).

I tried for years to get him a British passport but because we weren't married it was 'at the discretion of the Home Secretary'. They constantly hummed and hahed and 'suggested' he get a Portuguese passport as nationality is now only from mothers (she, of course wanted me to pay for that too - can't cut into her 'socialising' budget can we?).

So how is it that a woman from Zambia who, I assume was given indefinite right to remain has a child with British nationality (and the attendant claim to remain herself)?

Is it only foreign women who get the right to British passports for their children now? Oh, silly question, it's only those with no connection to the country, utter disdain for our nationality and culture, and a coterie of 'helpers' getting them access to benefits, housing et al.

I no longer feel like a 27th class citisen in this country, I feel like my country no longer exists!

JuliaM said...

I'm with Able - but I think this 'feeling that my country no longer exists' is actually someone's long held goal!

brickluck said...

I im directly involved with this family,(sister), I was seeing this girl I meet for about 8 months and thought something aint right, so I finished it!! as you do, 2 months later, she told me she was pregnant, which I dismissed at first, but as time went on feelings and responsibility came first!!!, so I tried to make the best off it, and flowed back, considering ive been a single parent (male)for the last 7 years at that time!! any way she had a baby 12 months later!!!!, for which I argued, cut a long story short, we were back and forth as I did not trust but tried and tried to make it work, then another pregnancy, for which I questioned, we still not together and she moved, state paid,(so I believed) between im with ,im not with, (confusion), then she moved again, to a 2 bed, then she went back to Zambia, for a family thing!!! that's when I found out she was married all along!!!, story after story, but ive got these 2 kids I love, please back and fourth, hit me with a rock, an ex has been seeing, paying maintenance all this time!!! I thought it was me losing my marbles, but the whole time what I thought/felt/was living,was as I thought,at first what she said he said, thought he lies, and still think both lie, but I had to go dna tests the whole thing with out my family support cos im to ashamed to tell them,i was losing it by now, and sent his wife an email, as he would not give me the prouf to confurm his truthfulness as he to had been sleeping with her, now ive had beating threats,(which im not bothered) but still the whole thing stinks!!!! she married to stay, she convinced an ex my son was his, we hate each other, and to top it off, their might be some 1 else involved that I have yet to find out about, give me my son and daughter, send her and sister home we don't need this in normal people lives, so if I get the beating, Matt splits from wife all down to frued by deception, by these woman from Zambia, and to top it, she wont answer phone so I can talk to kids, which makes me look bad in the eyes off this country for rights, she had money from me in cash as requised and MATT AND WHO EVER ELSE IS INVOLVED