Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The silence of the MSM

 Back in January I blogged about the upcoming trial of 47 men from Rochdale accused of grooming under age girls out side their own community. I mentioned also that there would be a media blackout of the trial, but that various patriotic groups intended to at least protest about the fact that what should have been a media frenzy was deliberately being covered up in order to maintain community cohesion. Which was rather hypocritical considering the Stephen Lawrence show trial and the priming of the press with various details before during and after the trial.
Well, currently the trial is going ahead and the silence other than in a few blogs such as Ambush Predator, Old Rightie and various online forums and patriotic groups has been deafening. There was even a joint EDL/Casual/BFP/BNP protest outside the court on Monday, normally this would have been headline news considering all the negativity and hostility in the press towards those organisations. In fact it was only the appearance of 25 UAF counter-protesters that even got the matter into the local media, though still not the national ones.

The patriots protest

UAF defending the (alleged) right of Muslims to be paedophiles
Yet this silence from the MSM is slowly turning out to be counter-productive, the news is getting out there as more and more people choose to get their news (and views) away from the MSM itself. Sooner or later this will make the light of day in the mainstream and people are going to want to know just what and why did the government and the police want to cover this up. I don't think a "we wanted to give them a fair trial" will wash either, certainly in the light of the Lawrence case, though the appeal there seems to have taken them aback a little.
Again and again the powers that be go to great lengths to hide the facts that the followers of the religion of peace behave in a manner inconsistent with living in a civilised society. They are storing up a great deal of trouble for themselves in the future, you can rely upon that.

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James Higham said...

My silence is just being a bit under the hammer. I'll read this up and post.

JuliaM said...

The blog yesterday (noticed you commenting!) has been deleted.

Possibly as a result of the comment made by 'Send In The Clowns' that the judge had imposed these restrictions?

Frankly, I guess we can only hope a foreign blog like 'Gates Of Vienna' picks it up and runs with it. Or that restrictions are lifted once the trial's over.

Quiet_Man said...

I'm not reporting on the trial, I'm reporting on the media silence and the protests, frankly I don't have a clue what's going on in there and nor would I report on any of the victims names assuming I knew what they were.
Why this needs to be hushed up is beyond me, as in any other sexual assault the victims names would have been kept from the media anyway, as it is, the mens names are known and the media (local) has reported that they are to face trial.
If the judge writes to me though and asks me to cease and desist, I will.

JuliaM said...

There's one man's name - a 57 year old - that has not been allowed to be shown anywhere for 'legal reasons' (usually because they are facing other charges).

That presumably wouldn't have been on the court notice as it's a metter of public record.

It's a true mystery.

Incidentally, one of the three articles reporting on the EDL/UAF demo that I included in my post on Monday has similarly been removed!