Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I've often suspected that corruption, both moral and venal is a part of the race industry and those who work within it, to be sure the intentions when they were set up were (probably) good, but these days it's an industry of itself and pretty much a closed shop to the mainstream indigenous community unless of course they run foul of it. Unfortunately it's not nice in this case to have your suspicions confirmed.
Wales Online.
A publicly-funded charity whose chief executive has admitted using its funds to pay off a £9,000 personal credit card debt is facing an Employment Tribunal claim from the ex-employee who told trustees about the irregularity.
Awema (the All Wales Ethnic Minority Association) is in turmoil following our revelation earlier this month that chief executive Naz Malik had been given a written warning after using a cheque pre-signed by the charity’s treasurer to pay off his credit card bill of £9.340.36. Mr Malik said he considered the money as advance expenses.
The Welsh Government has launched an inquiry into this and other alleged irregularities at Awema, which has received £8.4m in European aid to run projects aimed at increasing the employment chances of people from ethnic minority communities.
Mr Malik was also given an oral warning after failing to make declarations of interest “on all relevant occasions where he, or members of his family stand to benefit from trustee and board decision making”.
The chief executive’s daughter and daughter-in-law are both employed in senior roles by Awema, while his wife and son have acted as volunteers at the charity.
We have now confirmed that Sylwia Bobrowska, a former finance officer with Awema, has lodged an Employment Tribunal claim against the organisation. Her case, due to be heard in April, is being pursued on four grounds – unfair dismissal, breach of contract, discrimination and a breach of her rights under the Public Interest Disclosure Act.
It is known there were serious causes for concern about the way Awema was run, that an intimidating atmosphere had been created at Awema by the chief executive, that a number of staff had been dismissed in contravention of Awema’s disciplinary procedure, and that there was evidence that Mr Malik was guilty of bullying and harassment. He recommended that Mr Malik should be suspended pending a disciplinary hearing.
In fact a disciplinary hearing was held swiftly at which it was decided that although he was guilty of gross misconduct, Mr Malik could keep his job.
Awema’s finance director Saquib Zia is currently suspended on full pay pending a disciplinary hearing into unspecified acts of alleged misconduct. Mr Zia gave evidence to Dr Dunn’s inquiry about the £9,340.36 payment made to clear Mr Malik’s credit card debt.
Seven of Awema’s trustees have resigned because of the decision to keep Mr Malik in his post.
How many of us if found guilty of gross misconduct could expect to keep our jobs? How many of us if in charge of some department would try to get family members onto the staff? Only in the public services would you expect to find this sort of thing going on and only there in the multicultural race industry where jobs for the "minorities" seem to have a gold plated untouchable get out of jail free card to play with every accusation of misconduct aka the point and scream racist approach.Already started of course and the line being promoted by the BBC (who else)
Anywhere else, the miscreant would be suspended pending a proper enquiry, anywhere else anyone using the companies expenses to pay off a personal debt would be sacked so quickly there would be scorch marks from their swift passage out of the door.
You'll also note that it is a publicly funded charity too getting £8.4 million off the EU and known to have receives £3 million off the Welsh government plus other funding from the lottery, in other words it's a fake charity.
Once again members of the ethnic minorities are abusing public funding from taxpayers, being defended for doing so by use of the "race" card and would appear to be safe in their jobs because of this.

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Anonymous said...

Only in the public services would you expect to find this sort of thing going on

Nepotism is alive and well in the private sector; Ratner, Maxwell and Murdoch are names that come to mind.

One of the advantages of the bureaucracies of central and local government is that the recruitment process is usually operated by people that have no connection with the chief executive or with those offering the position.

The smaller the organisation the more likely this corruption will take place.

James Higham said...

Quite a good one that - I go in and nick something, I get caught, I call him/her a racist. Might work a treat.

JuliaM said...

Snap! :)

The 'Thisissouthwales' local news website carried a statement from the charity head playing the race card for all she's worth.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is part of the "Grand Plan"!

The indigenous population is gradually being wound up, until eventually there is a massive rebound, and, in the released tension, we indulge in a bit of "ethnic cleansing", from which the PTB gain, and the great unwashed are left wallowing in the guilt.

Or perhaps it's just a load of bollocks...

Maybe we'll never know


DerekP said...

re: 'The indigenous population is gradually being wound up...'

I'd just like to point out that the person trying to obscure the facts by playing the 'race-card' appears to be white, and the people trying to expose what appears to be bullying and fraud are ethnic.

As ever, what matters is what people do, not the colour of their skin.

Angry Exile said...

I used to work for a company who'd have had him arrested and dragged out in cuffs for nicking a tenth of that, never mind fired him. I wonder if they're still allowed to do that.