Monday, February 6, 2012

Is there place for Islam in a civilised society?

Sorry if that offends, but it has to be said, more and more reports are coming into the light of day which suggest that we have more than a serious problem with radical Islam and that this problem goes right back to the core of its beliefs. It seems to believe that violence and aggression are the only forms of legitimate response when criticised or when it feels that it is being ridiculed or mocked. In our prisons more than 12% of all prisoners are Muslims, compared to a 5% of the normal population and their numbers are growing. Recent court cases one being held in Liverpool today shows that Muslim men are involved in and cover up the mass grooming and sexual abuse of young women pretty much exclusively white and outside their own community, they are know to attack anyone not a Muslim even talking to their own women and have been known to murder their women for simply not acting in a Muslim way. They have demanded (and gotten) a barbarous dietary method accepted by mainstream stores and food outlets (halal meat) where the suffering of animals is secondary to the method used and a prayer to some pagan god said over said suffering animal. They flout our marriage (and bigamy) laws and have used their minority status to gain a privileged and protected place within our state where often enough the police will overlook crimes committed by Muslims, meet a wall of silence in a Muslim community or (it is rumoured) have member of the Muslim Police Association cover up the crimes in the name of community cohesion. Even when caught and sentenced, a Muslim would appear to get a lesser sentence than anyone of the majority indigenous group would for a similar crime.
Its members have been involved in homophobic propaganda and attacks on gays in areas it considers to be its own, they have even demanded female shop assistants (non Muslim) cover up in these areas and have attacked teachers who have taught other religions as part of the school curriculum in one case hospitalising the guy. Egged on by Muslim preachers many from abroad who have travelled into this country to preach their vile intolerance invited by various mosques who appear to act with no fear of sanction from the UK government or border controls. Muslim gangs run free in our prisons and radicalise anyone they can get a hold of, one such guy recently went off to Yemen to train to be a terrorist, fortunately he was caught. Others were recently sentenced for planning to set off bombs in the Stock Exchange.
These are but the tip of the iceberg, this religion and its adherents are being treated with kid gloves by the powers that be whilst the fears and the worries of the majority are being fobbed of with misleading platitudes such as "The Religion of Peace" and frightened with screams of racist, bigot, islamophobe etc and it's starting to fracture our society.
That's not to say all Muslims are terrorists, nor that all wish us harm, though telling which from which is a massive problem facing our security services, it's just that it strikes me that we can no longer ignore the problems Islam brings whilst praising the few benefits.
Nor does it strike me that there is any place for this religion and its adherents in a civilised society, my problem stems from not knowing how to resolve the problems it brings without resorting to a massive ethnic style cleansing of the followers of Islam from the UK. Yet where could we send them and would we be setting up a civil war in our own country if we tried. If we place sanctions upon it, would we simply drive its followers underground and increase its radicalisation by adding to its already deep seated and misplaced sense of persecution by anyone not of Islam.
Is there any way we can allow these followers of a vile totalitarian political method wrapped up in the trappings of a religion to live amongst us though?
I somehow think not and it's not going to be a particularly pleasant time until the problem is resolved, hopefully before Islam decides it can assimilate us by the sword as it did to the non Muslims of Lebanon, as it does to the Copts in Egypt, as it does to the Assyrians in Iraq and Iran as it is doing in Nigeria and the Sudan.
We can live with Islam only so long, eventually it returns to its central ethos, submit or die.

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Johnnyrvf said...

I know you don't do theology but in those terms it cannot be a religion only a blasphemy, indeed it is a parody of the Abrahamic religions and is fundamentaly occutltic.

Captain Haddock said...

"That's not to say all Muslims are terrorists, nor that all wish us harm" ..

That's very true .. but isn't it odd that most terrorists seem to be Muslims ?

I long since gave up believing in coincidence ..

Curmudgeon said...

There is no concept in Islam of "render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's." While it may teach Muslims to put up with living in countries with non-Islamic governments, ultimately it aims for a global Islamic Caliphate with any non-believers being treated at best as very much second or third-class citizens.

Antisthenes said...

You have certainly highlighted an intractable problem one faced by innumerable societies throughout history. When barbaric or alien peoples invade/cross borders in sufficient strength to impose their culture and beliefs upon the indigenous population that population suffers change to its culture and it's status. Eventually it does not matter as a new homogeneous society is born both having learnt from the other. However the problem is the period between arrival and the homogenising as there is much disruption and suffering and no doubt history is going to repeat itself and appears little that can be done to alter that. The choice will ultimately come between submission or continued resistance. The pragmatic and fatalistic will opt for the former the libertarian idealist the latter to no avail.

Anonymous said...

We can see what happens when there is a Muslim society that has driven out, subjugated or killed other ways of life - the Sunni and Shiite members of this 'Religion of Peace' start killing each other.

Let's just cut to the endgame, and rather than criticise Islam (which would make our politicians, judges and chattering classes faint) instead criticise Sunnis and praise Shiites, and in the next breath criticise Shiites and praise Sunnis, and let them get on with sorting each other out.

Anonymous said...

We could start by our leaders and media openly criticising islam.

Children born into islam are fortunate in that it is easily demonstrated that islam is false, they just have to read the koran. The idea that this mish-mash of 6th century incoherent babble could have been written by a supreme being is literally beyond belief.

Let that message be spread throughout our schools and at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

What are the benefits that Islam brings that you mention? Can't think of any myself....