Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Capello Quits

Fabio Capello has quit as England manager
Fabio Capello has resigned as England manager, the Football Association has confirmed.
Capello quit after a meeting with FA chairman David Bernstein and general secretary Alex Horne at Wembley.
An FA statement read:  "The Football Association can confirm that Fabio Capello has today resigned as England manager."
On Monday, the Italian, 65, publicly challenged the FA's decision to strip John Terry of the captaincy.
The FA's statement continued: "The discussions focused on the FA Board's decision to remove the England team captaincy from John Terry, and Fabio Capello's response through an Italian broadcast interview.
I've avoided the Terry case here on the grounds that for all I suspect that he's being hung out to dry by the race industry he is like Joey Barton a bit of a thug who happens to be a halfway decent footballer.
However I do believe that Capello had the right to field the team he wanted and that the F.A. had no business telling him who he could and couldn't play, bad publicity or not.
I wonder who they'll pick next to take up the poisoned chalice that is the England football managers job?

4 annotations:

Anonymous said...

I have no interest in football at all but Fabio Capello is clearly a man of principle. A pity we don't have anyone of his calibre in British politics.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Sorry QM, we may be on opposite sides of the pitch here....

So two prima-donnas got 'booted'.


Quiet_Man said...

It means England will go into the European Championships with a new manager and without a reliable captain who is popular with some of his team mates and fans.
Don't get me wrong, I don't expect to win it, just think that this sort of distraction does us no favours at all.

Anonymous said...

I loathe football too but Capello is bang on the money.

Last time I looked we still had the principle of innocent until proven guilty.

Unless Labour abolished that along with double jeopardy ?