Monday, June 30, 2014

Not fit to be king

I don't have a lot of time for royalty at the best of times, bit of respect for the Queen, yes, like Prince Philip for what he says when he speaks his mind, yes. Prince harry for at least going into combat sure. The rest I wouldn't miss save only that they are probably a bit cheaper than a presidential system. However one royal I simply cannot abide is our next king Prince Charles, more for his utter hypocrisy in saying one thing and doing another.
Prince Charles ‘consorted’ with ministers to push his agenda on climate change, alternative medicine and grammar schools, politicians have admitted.
The revelations show for the first time that Charles is not only listened to at the highest levels of government – his views can sometimes influence policy.
Former Labour environment minister Michael Meacher said he worked behind the scenes with the Prince of Wales in a bid to persuade Tony Blair to ‘change course’ on green matters and to block genetically-modified crops.
Charles prompted Peter Hain, another former Cabinet minister, to promote the provision of complementary medicine on the NHS.
And he tried – but failed – to persuade then Education Secretary David Blunkett of the merits of grammar schools.
Well we all know what an utter scam climate change lobbying is, it's simply been used for a tax grab and those who believe that humankind is responsible for a major change in the planets climate are deluded, charlatans or fraudsters. As for complementary medicine, some of it is efficacious, however a lot of it on the herbal side is useless and in some cases downright bloody dangerous. Genetically modified crops are not as dangerous as some would like us to believe and could be a godsend to countries struggling with drought or pests, but the green lobby has dubbed them frankenfoods and is determined that millions starve because in their view the planet is massively overpopulated.
Frankly Charles should not be meddling in politics, the Queen meets the PM once a week to be filled in about what's going on, whilst I'm sure she has views, she never openly interferes with government policy. Charles however is a meddler and believes he knows best, despite the fact that he often enough doesn't. Still the last thing we need heading the country is an opinionated man who will try and influence policy, particularly the hypocritical Charles who although he promotes a green lifestyle has when staying in Scotland had his food driven up from Cornwall in fume belching Rangerovers rather than use local produce.
The man is clearly unfit to be king, hence long live the Queen!

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Anonymous said...

And the only one of those that the BBC is bothered about is the call for more grammar schools.

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

He is a product of an elitist system that is outdated and should be put to the sword. Had he had to sit an exam for a Grammer school then i am confident he would have ended up sitting in a corner with a cone-shaped hat with the letter D on it! How many holidays and air miles has he logged?

I am just glad that i am not one of his plants at least i do'nt have to listen to the jug-eared cunt.

Laurie -