Sunday, June 29, 2014

I bet they weren't Chinese

I am coming to loathe the MSM and various other state organisations for their use of euphemisms when it comes to the depredations of certain immigrant groups. Take the word 'Asian' a buzzword used to cover the crimes of a certain subgroup to make sure that people don't know exactly who they are and where they hail from (historically) Asia itself has a population of nearly 4.5 billion and we're supposed to guess which part of Asia these criminals are supposed to look to be a part of.
A teenage girl was gang-raped by a group of Asian men in a wooded area, police have said.
The 17-year-old victim met a group of men in Slough, Berkshire yesterday evening.
The girl went to an off-licence with one of the group and continued to a residential street, where they were joined by four men in a small silver hatchback.
The girl walked with the men down a footpath towards a river surrounded by woodland where she was raped by several of the men.
Detectives confirmed today they were looking for five Asian men in connection with the brutal attack which happened near the Jubilee River in Slough.
Now there are a few points I could make as to why the girl was stupid enough to go with the guys, whether it might be a false claim to hide embarrassment etc. But I figure these days that the truth will come out one way or another eventually. However by the term 'Asian' I figure we aren't dealing with Chinese or other orientals here, nor do I suspect that we're even dealing with those of the middle east. I suspect Asian here means Indian subcontinent and I'm going to hazard a guess that it will be at the north end of it rather than India itself.
I know from one or two discussions I've had with people from Asia that they are also fed up to the back teeth of the word being used by our press to describe the criminal acts of a certain subgroup who appear to be operating in grooming and rape gangs throughout the UK but mostly England. When the term 'Asian' is used in a criminal context, I cannot be the only one to read 'Pakistani/Bangladeshi muslim' in that context so the MSM are fooling no one. Why they continue to do this can only be due to the reluctance of those in power to admit that we have a serious problem with a certain community who don't see the rest of us as being their equals and have been encouraged by the bias shown towards them due to the false doctrine of multiculturalism to believe that they are beyond reproach.
Yet people are no longer fooled and indeed stories like this where there appears to be some sort of attempt to use the term 'Asian' seems to simply confirm in peoples minds that there is a serious problem that the authorities are not dealing with. People are also not stupid enough (in most instances) to believe that Orientals, Hindu's Jains, Sikhs, Russians, Armenian's, even Iranians and Iraqi's aren't the 'Asians' involved even if we have problems with what some of those groups get up to in the world.
All the state seems to be doing is after ignoring the problem, declaring that 'we' were the problem for mentioning it and now trying to cover up the problem is storing up massive amounts of trouble for another day. You can also bet that the side effects of the anger will affect others who had nothing to do with said communities crimes.
This will not end well, mark my words.

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mikebravo said...

It doesn't really matter whether they are referred to as muslims, Bangladeshis, Asians or just men. We would already be fairly certain who is carrying out gang rapes on "vulnerable" young girls.
But, hey ho - all cultures are equal and to state otherwise is waaaysist.

Kath lissenden said...

I agree with you QM, and it is nearly always Muslims.
I also get annoyed when the MSM do the same thing by omission so they don't actually mention any group specifically.
The media is full of stories where crimes happen but the press withhold the ethnic origin of a suspect because they are Muslim.

English Pensioner said...

With Slough only a few miles down the road,I have no doubt as to the ethnic origins of those involved.
I wish that some of the other Asians would start complaining about the use of the word, after all, the Chinese are Asians, and there's probably more of them than the rest put together. I always think that the general use of the word "Asian" is a slander on all those not of Pakistani or Bangladeshi descent.