Saturday, June 28, 2014

One step closer

Well J C Juncker got chosen as the next President of the European Commission by 26 votes to 2 and has put Cameron in a position where if he were a real EUskeptic he could start the process to remove us from the EU. As it is, he isn't and he won't, though I suspect a campaign for the next UK elections with a Tory pledge to take us out would gain him a lot of support. Support of course he doesn't want and fears...
The Prime Minister admitted it would be "harder" to keep the country in the EU after the man he branded "the career insider of Brussels" was designated as the next President of the European Commission.
"It makes it harder and it makes the stakes higher," Mr Cameron said.
A bitterly-divided EU summit offically declared the former Luxembourg premier as president-designate in the powerful post following an unprecedented vote that shattered the Brussels tradition of consensus decision-making.
Only Britain and Hungary opposed the appointment, tearing open a massive rift in the EU.
After the overwhelming defeat, a clearly rattled but determined Mr Cameron said: "Frankly, sometimes you have to be ready to lose a battle in order to win a war."
He insisted he had no regrets about being virtually isolated and said he would do it again.
Mr Cameron warned that his fellow EU leaders will "live to regret" the decision, saying: "Europe has taken a big step backwards."
He had opposed Mr Juncker because of his career-long record as a Brussels insider dedicated to increasing EU meddling.
Britain would accept the result and try to work with Mr Juncker, he said, adding: "This is a bad day for Europe."
The key clue is Cameron's statement at the end of that passage, he still believes he can somehow work with Juncker's to get reform, despite the fact that Juncker's idea of reform is 'ever closer union' which is anathema to getting on half of UK voters. The facts as I see them are id that there is  no chance of a successful renegotiation and the thing we'll have to watch for is the EUphiles trying to pull the wool over our eyes and telling us that there was. Cosmetic changes to the EU are not acceptable to me or I suspect many others in this country, real change such as going back to a trading block would be fine, but that has never been the 'vision' of the EU or indeed the EEC before it, the end game was always a United States of Europe only without the inconvenience of democracy keeping the checks and balances in place.
The election of Juncker's has made our exit slightly more likely, however the EU and the EUphile traitors and their deluded followers will fight tooth and nail to keep us in.
The game is on now, but the game is definitely not over.

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Kath lissenden said...

Thing is we knew Camoron would be trounced in this vote, and it is yet more proof , were any needed that the EU does not serve our interests and never will.
If Camoron was serious (which he is NOT) he would have started the process for removing us from the EU.
It's all a waste of time because come the next election in 2015 if Labour win which looks likely , we will be tied into the EU until at least the election after that.
The EU is the ultimate dream that turned into the ultimate nightmare for the UK and I truly believe sadly for us all we are stuck because we have self serving politicians who really son't care and will carry on doing what they want, if Labour win the next election we are all in deep deep trouble, even deep than we are already in.

Mr. Morden said...

It really does not matter who gets the top job. The march to ever closer union will continue regardless.

A sham from beginning to end.