Friday, April 4, 2014

The fear factor

The cosy club of those who like to believe they rule over us has had a bit of a shaking recently with the rise of Ukip and its showing in the polls. They've tried (and will continue to try) smears only for Ukip to get rid of any dodgy candidates far far more quickly than their own thieves and scoundrels. Now they are trying to prevent a party with higher poll ratings than one of the big three from taking part in the leaders debate before a general election...
Ed Miliband last night demanded that Nigel Farage is barred from the leaders’ debates at next year’s General Election.
His call came the day after Ukip leader Mr Farage trounced Nick Clegg in a second debate on Europe.
A senior Tory source indicated that the Conservatives would also seek to block Mr Farage – even though the anti-EU party has been ahead of the Liberal Democrats in the opinion polls for months.
Mr Farage last night accused the two main parties of ‘running scared’.
Yep can't have the upstarts being given airtime and let loose in the cosy club at the top now can we? Farage may not be everyone's cup of tea but he made Clegg look bad (not too difficult) and Clegg made Brown and Cameron look bad so there's a definite fear factor here. Nor are Ukip despite the others claims a one track pony, they do publish a manifesto and it does have domestic and international policies they intend to carry out, not just leave the EU.
Millipede E has only said what all the big three are thinking, I do expect unless something dire happens that he'll get his way, but the publicity they'll give Ukip can only help that party.
Truly I believe those at the top are beginning to feel the tremors of fear that Ukip and their polling are beginning to produce and that possibly, just possibly someone is about to come along and upset the applecart...

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subrosa said...

I heard a wee bit of QT last night when the labour bloke said “The debate should be between Cameron and Miliband. After all they’re the only ones who will ever be Prime Minister”. (I’m paraphrasing.

But doesn’t that say it all?

Kath lissenden said...

I agree with you QM 100%.
The fact that these little charlatans are so afraid of Farage is making me chuckle, that they would need to resort to banning him from any televised debates speaks volumes, WHO THE HELL DO THEY THINK THEY ARE.
However their self enforced censorship can actually only do Farage a lot of good.
So let's just hope they keep digging the hole we can all bury them in.

Rickie said...

I reckon the fear factor is "farage" being ill and a UKIP number 2 or 3 had to step in for a debate, the one man show that Farage does is a quirky funny clever show but is there anyone esle with a personality?

My view on UKIP is that its full of failed politicians from other parties who cannot get selected and see UKIP as an easy route to power even if its town councils, the idea that UKIP is the peoples party and not political class elite mumbo jumbo is plain bollocks

UKIP full of political activists from other parties getting popular under a charasmatic cult leader, once he goes the ship sinks and it gets forgotton, a good protest vote is UKIP , I haven't decided who to vote for yet, BNP last time for me cos Labour would not mention immigration issues at the General Election.

The only party I will not vote for is Lib Dems or Greens this time

ageing man said...

Rickie I don't mean this to sound critical when I refer to your comment:

~~~ I reckon the fear factor is "farage" being ill and a UKIP number 2 or 3 had to step in for a debate, the one man show that Farage does is a quirky funny clever show but is there anyone esle with a personality? ~~~

But the conservatives and Labour are different because ?

Even Conlabs 1 & 2 are sans personality so god help the for Vance babble on QM last nght... christ help us all....

There was a while back when they were promoting him as the sharpest financial brain in politics.... by last nights offering, I wouldn't use all my co-op savings by betting for him......

Anonymous said...

Re: Subrosa & QT
Yes. One guy in the audience even commented (paraphrasing) "UKIP don't have any other policies so why should we listen to them in a serious debate - it should only be the PM and Leader of Opposition".

The simplistic notion that UKIP have no other policies is:
a- clearly untrue, as otherwise Clegg could have tried to use that in the debates, which anyway touched on immigration, work, foreign policy amongst other issues;
b- something the LibLabCon and especially the BBC are pushing relentlessly
(in QT, DailyPolitics, ThisWeek etc) 'cos the political-class is
frit, Frit, FRIT!
which I find very entertaining, especially as it will get worse for them.

john in cheshire said...

Perhaps Mr Farage and UKIP can persuade one of the national tv channels to host an alternative question and answer session, at the same time that the other 3 parties are holding their lie-fest.