Thursday, April 3, 2014

Farage 2 Clegg Nil

I rather suspect the boy Clegg is regretting his decision to go head to head with Nigel Farage. I really expected Clegg to do better after the first encounter but frankly Farage wiped the floor with him in a far more personal and bitter exchange of views.
A SNAP poll last night crowned Nigel Farage the winner of his showdowns with Nick Clegg after he triumphed in the second of their live broadcast clashes over Europe.
Voters were even more impressed this week than last week by the anti-Brussels UK Independence Party leader.
After their first joust a week ago on LBC radio, 57 per cent of people surveyed by YouGov thought Mr Farage won with 36 per cent of voters thinking Mr Clegg came out on top.
But after last night’s BBC2 TV clash, YouGov found a massive 68 per cent thought the Ukip man bested his opponent compared to just 27 per cent who thought the Lib Dems Deputy Prime Minister won. Pollsters at ICM found Mr Farage had won by 69 per cent to 31 per cent.
The result was a blow for Mr Clegg as he had instigated the clashes.
Clegg had all the advantages, briefed by civil servants and seemingly given an own goal by Farage's admiration of Putin's statesmanship Iin the Ukraine despite a poll suggesting a good few in the UK agreed with Farage. Yet in the end Clegg's inner weasel won out, he simply does not get what ordinary people are thinking because unlike Farage he doesn't meet them on a day to day basis. Against Caneron  and Milliband he may be fine, but they are political class and inhabit his world whereas Farage does not and it showed when the insults began and the accusations of lies began. In the end people believed Farage if only because we regard him as one of us, though whether that will translate into votes remains to be seen. Still it was nice to see the EUphile cause torn apart by a man of passion.

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Oldrightie said...

Imagine these polls translated into votes next month. Power to the Internet could yet bring down the current political class.