Sunday, March 2, 2014

We don't need a ban

Why is it with politicians that their first response to a problem is to reach for the ban hammer? It never seems to occur to them that there are other solutions, solutions that would improve the rights of people. Then again giving people and companies additional rights is not on any politicians agenda.
MUSLIM women should not be allowed to cover their faces in public as there is no formal requirement in their religion, a Tory MP said yesterday.
Philip Hollobone was putting forward a Bill seeking to prohibit the wearing of face coverings, in particular the Muslim veil and balaclavas.
Presenting his Face Coverings (Prohibition) Bill, the Kettering MP expressed regret that his campaign had “come to this”.
Speaking during the bill’s second reading, he said: “But there’s growing concern amongst my constituents and across the country about the increasing number of people who are going about in public places covering their faces and this is causing alarm and distress to many people.”
During the debate, passport control officials were criticised for “waving through” a woman without asking her to remove her full-face veil.
What is actually needed is the right for people and companies to refuse entry and to serve anyone wearing a full face covering without having the race industry charge into battle in full cry. You see I don't really care what people wear in public, but when someone is on someone else's property then their right to see just who they are dealing with has to top my right to wear what the hell I want.
It should also be the general policy of the government vis its departments and local government with regards to schools, libraries and other services. Same with banks, building societies, shops, right down to peoples homes.
It's a simple right to give, the right to refuse entry to your premises of  anyone you cannot see the face of and it would soon resolve the problem of those who think their right to wear a face covering trumps all other rights, particularly as it isn't a religious requirement in any shape or form merely a cultural thing that is being used to advance the barbarism that is islam.
So Hollobone has it wrong, he's attempting to remove a right, rather than enhance them.
But that's typical of politicians...

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Anonymous said...

I used to think like you Q.M but have recently come round to thinking that until we are living in a dystopian Orwell world the sheep will not waken.

Rickie said...

Arizona (USA) are trying to pass a new law similar to your views Quiet man, the whole subject is a bloody mess, try and wear a white pillow case with slits in it for eyes and walk around Bradford amongst the full face veils!

Another "ban" story that has no chance of being a ban

Quiet_Man said...

As far as I'm concerned you ought to have the right to walk around with a white face kkk mask on. So long as its recognised that if you want entry to any place of mine you take it off. Hollobone ought to be increasing rights rather than attempting to remove them.