Saturday, March 1, 2014


What is it about ecoloons and leftards who believe that the rules as such do not apply to them? Countless times you read about illegal acts and protests carried out by the two groups (often acting as one) to try and stop perfectly legal activities. No I don't mean legitimate and legal protests but violence and acts of sabotage aimed at their opponents and often enough the police.
It's like they see the law is for other people....
After fleeing a city tower block in search of the good life, Matthew Lepley and Jules Smith spent five years sleeping in a tent and living off the land in a bid to build Britain’s greenest home.
Armed with an axe and hand tools, they pieced together scrap metal, tyres and wooden crates until a one-bedroom cabin – complete with compost toilet – rose out of the muddy field they had bought.
Now the couple have been served with an enforcement notice to tear it all down – because it was against their eco-friendly beliefs to apply for planning permission.
The planning rules are there for a purpose, granted they are often used and opposed and twisted out of shape for various reasons and certainly we only use something like 3% of the land in this country for building purposes, but they are there for a reason. Often enough it's to prevent people building near water courses (and polluting them) or having a disastrous effect on the land. Sometimes it's that someone wants to build something completely out of character with the neighbourhood (giving rise to Nimby's)
Still you'd think that the possibility of having your home torn down because you don't believe in planning permission may just have occurred to the two idiots here?
Now I have no problem on people doing something like this if they want, but unless we live in a libertarian society, you have to follow the rules and one of the most basic is get permission to do it. Granted planning laws are a joke and very intrusive, but they are there and no despite their claims, they don't soak up excess electricity and paper to do so. Certainly they would have soaked up a lot less than the appeals process the couple used to try and overturn the decision.
Still it was bloody silly to ignore something that would cost you your home.

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wiggia said...

because it was against their eco-friendly beliefs to apply for planning permission.

But obviously not against their beliefs to use the same system to appeal.

Dioclese said...

Cunts. Deserve all they get.