Monday, March 3, 2014

Utterly illiberal

I often have a go at the left for its various illiberal tendencies, its generally a target rich environment as their anti-establishment beliefs often lead them into alliances with people whom most would regard as monsters. But the left are not alone in their desire to make the world a better place by enslaving or controlling us all, step forward Boris Johnson, a possible leader of the Conservative Party.
Muslim children who risk radicalisation by their parents should be taken into care, Boris Johnson has said.
Writing in his weekly Daily Telegraph column, the London mayor said such children were victims of child abuse.
Mr Johnson said they should be removed from their families to stop them being turned into "potential killers or suicide bombers".
A "fatal squeamishness" had developed over intervening in the behaviour of certain groups in society, he added.
But he said there was a need to be "stronger and clearer in asserting our understanding of British values".
He warned that some young people were being "taught crazy stuff" similar to the views expressed by the two men who killed Fusilier Lee Rigby on a south-east London street.
And innocent until proven guilty goes straight out of the window and the spectre of a child catcher straight out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang becomes a distinct possibility.
Dear lord, can't he see just how wrong this is and how likely it will turn other muslims from simply espousing their nonsense to actually carrying it out?
Certainly I believe that their is no place for islam in a civilised society and my preferred choice would be for them to make a choice to drop it or leave. But under no circumstances would I ever advocate taking their children off them, I cannot think of a more likely circumstance to switch them to jihadi mode and Boris would have given them the perfect excuse.
Remove them or convert them, but for gods sake do not antagonise them like this, you wouldn't like it done to your children and there's no proof that the children will accept the teachings of their foolish parents.
Honestly, it's an idea worthy of the illiberal left...

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never60 said...

didn't at least one of lee Rigby's killers come from a strict Christian family?
if true, then maybe ALL children with religious parents should be taken into care.
I don't have much time for religions, but even I find that somewhat ridiculous.

Mr. Morden said...

The Muslims and the fear of them is being used as a Trojan Horse to remove freedom and liberty from ALL of us. That is not to say there is not a serious problem with the RoP, there is, its just there are those who cannot let a good opportunity to accumulate more power for themselves, go to waste.

By creating a culture of division, suspicion and fear, they can claim to be acting on behalf to protect our liberty and freedom whilst doing the complete opposite.

Anonymous said...

If we had the guts to laugh out loud at Islam then there wouldn't be a problem.

Instead we bend over backwards to be nice, we deny the obvious, that Islam IS a 'political' movement as much as a 'faith' and fret about the consequences.

"If only 'moderate' Islam would assert itself", say our blind politicians.