Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The biter bit

I read with a profound sense of satisfaction this morning that one of the architects behind the governments internet censoring filters had been arrested for viewing child porn.
One of David Cameron's closest aides has resigned after being arrested on child pornography allegations.
Patrick Rock has been closely involved in drawing up Government policy on internet porn filters.
He quit after the Prime Minister learned he was at the centre of a police probe over images of child abuse.
Detectives from the National Crime Agency searched No 10 and examined IT systems and offices used by Mr Rock, deputy director of the Downing Street policy unit.
Mr Rock was a protege of Margaret Thatcher and has held a series of senior posts in the Conservative Party. He has been close to Mr Cameron for many years.
Described as the Prime Minister's 'policy fixer', the unmarried 62-year-old had been tipped as a leading contender for a Conservative peerage only weeks ago.
His arrest and resignation from Downing Street, where he has worked since 2011, will send shockwaves through the party's high command. The Prime Minister is said to be 'extremely shocked'.
Not that I'm in favour of child porn or have any desire to watch it, but I very much believe thar the government would sooner or later use the filters it wants to screen out other stuff that they don't want us to see. It's mostly because I believe the government simply cannot be trusted to not look out for its own interests in that it would prevent us from viewing anything about expense abuse coupling their internet filter with the Hutton report.
It is in the governments interest to keep us ignorant of what's actually going on in the world from corporatism, the EU,  islamism, immigration, scandals and suchlike and the internet porn filter is merely the thin end of the wedge in my opinion.
I do hope the guy (if found guilty) gets a severe sentence, but I doubt it will prevent the government from extending its tentacles into every aspect of our lives rather than insisting that it's our job to deal with problems including that of reporting child porn and making sure our kids don't see it by monitoring their web access.
People really need to get it into their heads that the state is not and never will be their friend...

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Kath lissenden said...

snap :) I picked this piece too and said similar.
I agree with you 100%.

Longrider said...

Um... Shouldn't we wait for the outcome of a trial before determining guilt and passing sentence?

Quiet_Man said...

Perhaps, but the fact he's resigned would appear to indicate guilt. Still if I've got it wrong I'll apologise.

Longrider said...

Nah, resignation simply means that the cloud over him would have intensified with media speculation while the investigation is ongoing had he not done so. Andrew Mitchell resigned eventually and he wasn't guilty.

We have this quaint little principle of innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law, not as Harridan Harperson would like, the court of public opinion.

I have no idea whether Rock is guilty. Yes, I am enjoying the discomfort this is causing the government and why not? But I make no judgement on Patrick Rock, for we don't know yet.

Rickie said...

I think the government should widen its tentacles immediately and ban spreading smoking does not kill denial, these trolls could be responsible for gods know how many preventable deaths if they were listened too, cowards like these hiding behind keyboards with fake names will be responsible for censorship of the internet.

Millions of lives have been lost due to smoking, some subjects like this should not be open to anonymous trolling and be treated as if it was peodofilla they were peddling.

Quiet_Man said...

First they came for the paedophiles, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a paedophile.

Then they came for the smokers, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a smoker.

Then they came for the drinkers, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a drinker.

Then they came for the obese, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not obese.

Then they came for the politically incorrect, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not politically incorrect.

Then they came for Rickie--and there was no one left to speak for him as he'd grassed everyone up and turned them over to his beloved state.

English Pensioner said...

He will probably claim he needed to view the images as part of his job in assessing what needed to be banned.

Quiet_Man said...

Doesn't explain the arrest really and the fact that it was Downing Street who reported him.

Longrider said...

I expect all will come out when it goes to trial - well, after the verdict, that is. I can't say that I will be over surprised by a guilty verdict, though.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he should contact the guy who represented Pete Townsend, that well known internet researcher?

Rickie said...

Then They came for:



and now its tobacco and the whole world is behind the truth about Smoking which is just about the only subject there is no disagreement with.

They haven't come for me, and i'm a fat beer drinking, politically incorrect burger lover....nope never came..perhaps i was out when Debs Arnott and her gestapo called to get me.

Smoking dosen't kill?...do you really think smoking troll bloggers really belive that shite...well Frank Davis and his followers in the cult have just about convinced themsleves I reckon...the rest just lie.

Quiet_Man said...

No Rickie, those are diseases, tobacco is a choice, you're just talking bollocks... again.

Ricke said...

Heroin and cocaine are choices too, along with rape, murder, drink drivers, they came for them too.

Smoking is a massive killer and it will be not be ignored because a tiny group of bloggers are in denial about smoking helped by pen pal bloggers such as yourself who parrot the same squirms and lies fail by trying to turn it into a "they are out to get us" and "you are next" bollocks because smoking kills and that cannot be swept under the carpet no matter how times they fail at doing so.

Not people just smoking, just in the same way that Aids/Hiv wasn't gay bashing just for the sake if it , or that advice about hard drugs was just junkie bashing and nothing to with health.

If those troll bloggers were not hiding behind anonymouse fake names they wouldn't publish those lies and squirms the governement should crack down on the trolls.

Quiet_Man said...

You have no understanding of the concept personal rights do you?
You'd be perfectly happy with someone else deciding what you can and cannot do and frankly that makes you utterly pitiful in my eyes.