Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tax, it's their solution to everything

Tax is the blunt instrument politicians bring to every problem, real or imagined. Tobacco, fizzy drinks, cars, party funding, you name it, sooner or later they'll want to tax it... for our own good of course...
A sugar tax may have to be introduced to curb obesity rates, the chief medical officer for England has said.
Dame Sally Davies told a committee of MPs that unless the government was strong with food and drink manufacturers, it was unlikely they would reformulate their products.
She said she believed "research will find sugar is addictive", and that "we may need to introduce a sugar tax".
The food industry said it was working on reducing sugar in products.
Speaking to the health select committee, Dame Sally said: "We have a generation of children who, because they're overweight and their lack of activity, may well not live as long as my generation.
"They will be the first generation that live less, and that is of great concern."
Translation, we may have a problem with the slaves not living as long, answer tax their favourite foods, it won't work but it'll mean more cash for fact finding trips to the Bahamas's.
It really ought to be none of the governments business what we eat save only in hygiene regulations making sure it's safe to eat and not poisonous. Unfortunately the government is paying taxpayers cash to fake charities like Sustain (advises the government on the food and farming industry) to tell it to do something it wants to control and make it look like its impartial advice.
If the government wants to do something about health, it could drop the ridiculous amount of unnecessary courses on the national curriculum, religion, race studies, sexual studies etc and make the kids run around the non-existent sports fields they all sold off.
Exercise will do far more for kids than diet, at that stage in their lives as they can burn off all the sugar. Good diet is only really important for adults, particularly those who aren't of a sporting bent.
Still as far as the government is concerned an advisor is telling them to tax more. That's all they want to hear.

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Mr. Morden said...

There is one thing that is missing from all this, and that is, both the lifestyle and type of work the population do has changed. We have become more sedentary. Too much TV and computer games. No longer working in hard manual jobs for long hours. We are less active but the availability of higher calorie foods have become more readily available. To blame just one thing and to think it OK to just tax it, does seem to be sledgehammer and nut territory but, the Government needs cash and a convenient excuse to rob us.

English Pensioner said...

Governments love officials which come up with ideas for something new to tax, especially when they can provide high sounding reasons. This woman is obviously determined to get into Cameron's good books for some reason - is there a vacancy within the EU in Brussels for a medical commissar?

DerekP said...

"...make the kids run around the non-existent sports fields they all sold off"

If they did it to a jog they could 'sound off' their times tables as they moved, kind of like you see US marines do in the films - so fitter kids who can do sums!

However, that's not what the 'Elite' want from the population anymore; way too troublesome dealing with people who think, ask awkward questions and can do the sums.

No, what they want now is people who will unthinkingly accept and believe the MSM preaching of 'The Righteous'.

So English schools have been going down this path for years by pushing the preaching and manipulating the quality of their student population far more drastically than we even see applied to the general population.

Of course that meant fiddling with the results to hide what has been going on. If that's not the case why would the 'reality test' of employing people to do a job be causing such problems?

Truly, 'class warfare'.