Thursday, March 20, 2014

The man's an idiot

I read this in the Mail this morning and whilst I always have reservations about their agenda, this little gem confirmed my own suspicions about the type of politician Millipede E is. After watching his budget response speech yesterday I had to wonder just what the hell he was on, I know off the cuff speeches about something which is kept under fairly close wraps other than the odd bit of misinformation and throwaway hints is difficult, but the absolute mess he made of it suggested that he had been completely caught out...
Ed Miliband’s Budget response flopped yesterday because he had based it on misleading predictions on Twitter, according to Ed Balls.
The Shadow Chancellor said Labour’s leader had to tear up large sections of his speech when rumours of what George Osborne would announce in Parliament proved false.
He said Mr Miliband hastily inserted jibes about Education Secretary Michael Gove’s attack on Etonian influence in Downing Street.
Mr Miliband was widely criticised for spending 16 minutes reading out political attack lines while barely mentioning the content of the Budget. Mr Balls was similarly derided for his response to the Autumn Statement in December.
That's right, he had written pages of a speech based on a twitter rumour...
Twitter, the last bastion of celebrity gossip and 150 word leftard thinking in which the truth is often only present by mistake. The social media that more or less proves the maxim that a Lie can be halfway around the world before the truth has even got its boots on. Where people are prepared to believe anything based on their own prejudices and go on to forward it to various followers without actually checking to see if it's true.
Yes, Millipede E based his entire budget speech on a twitter rumour and expects to (and possibly may)  become our next prime minister.
Ye gods what have we done to deserve this?

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Dioclese said...

Miliband is a liability. Ditto Balls.

Loved Gideon's jibe about him betraying his brother to get to the top tho'

andy5759 said...

Cain Unable.