Friday, March 21, 2014

Keep your friends close...

And your enemies closer.
Apparently Cameron wants Boris Johnson back in the house of commons as he believes he can do more good there...
A good few of us would probably believe that Cameron wants him back in the Commons where he can emasculate him.
BORIS Johnson needs to return to Parliament so the Conservatives can get a "great striker on the pitch", Prime Minister David Cameron has said.
Mr Cameron said it is up to the Mayor of London whether he completes his term at City Hall until 2016, but that he wants Mr Johnson "on the team".
Running in the General Election next year is "what I think" Mr Johnson should do, Mr Cameron said.
"I want him to get back in Parliament. I think he's great," he added.
"It's a bit like football - if you have got a great striker you want him on the pitch.
"It's up to him. He can complete as Mayor, or he can stay on as Mayor and come back to the House [of Commons]. I want him on the team."
Following mounting speculation about Mr Johnson wanting to become prime minister, Mr Cameron said: "It wouldn't be a great job to have if people didn't want it.
God alone knows why anyone would want to be Prime Minister, have you seen what you have to work with? Backstabbing politicians, obscuranting civil servants and an out of control public sector.
Yet for all that I do believe that Cameron want Johnson back where he can keep an eye on him as the Mayoral role give him far too much power and publicity. Back in Parliament Cameron can apply the thumbscrews of the whips, outside of it, Johnson has his own publicity machine and can generate his own headlines hence being far more popular than Cameron himself (not particularly hard I must admit)
Johnson may well lead the Tories one day, but he really needs to keep Cameron at arms length at least until the 1922 Committee have done their work in removing him. After that untainted by the current regime he may stand a chance, until then he's better off out.

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Kath lissenden said...

Funnily enough my first reaction to this news was aye aye. I turned to my better half and said to him "of course Camoron only wants Boris back in Westminster to keep his enemy close" Boris has made no secret of the fact he wants to be party leader and Camoron is clearly worried.
Boris may appear on the surface a doltish figure of fun but no one should underestimate him, least of all Camoron.
That said however I am not sure Boris really stands much chance, after all when Camoron finally finishes his time as leader I really don't see much Conservative party left for anyone let alone Boris to lead.