Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Interesting if flawed poll

Interesting little poll found at Not a Sheep's place.
As he points out it's a bit limited and slightly flawed in that there's not enough depth to the questions.
I am surprised just how close the Tories and Ukip are on various issues, but a tad alarmed as to how close on others the BNP approach me, considering they are essentially a left wing mob, I suppose it's their anti-EU and immigrant stance that brings them close, though there's no way in hell they'd get my vote unless they were the only independent choice.


Guess it's Ukip then...

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Anonymous said...

I've seen others comment on how surprised they were to find they were just about in bed with their supposed political opponents.

What it really reveals is that there is not a banned fag paper between them.

The only choice now is the colour of their logos!

Kath lissenden said...

I have been saying for ages actually there is little to choose between parties.
Of course the poll does not tell us how many people were asked nor the age range or racial back ground.
My problem with these polls is the questions are ambiguous and always weighted dependent on who commissioned the poll and who is asking the questions.
I worry about Nigel Farrage, just when I start o feel comfortable with some of the things he says he goes and says something to annoy me. Yesterday it was that churches should have the right to conduct legal marriage away from them and that if people want to get married in church they should do it twice. I'm sorry I object to this, Marriage was first and foremost a religious ceremony. As times changed it became a legal ceremony.
I was married in a church because it meant something to me, I did not feel a registry office ceremony made me married in the eyes of God, (YES that is old fashioned) but it was my choice had I wanted to get married in a registry office I would have done so.WHY would one want to remove the legal right for churches to marry people surely this is another example of taking away our freedoms to choose.
It is these continuing silly ill considered comments of Mr Farrage that put me off voting for his party whatever their stances on immigration. Because NO POLITICIAN has the right to tell me what to believe and that my marriage however awful and flawed it was was not "Legal".
I will still have to get a legal divorce from the courts just the same as someone married in a registry office.
If I ever wanted to get married in church again who is a politician to tell me I should then have to do it twice.
I am growing more and more worried about how the hell I can vote in the next General election without voting for a total tosser because they are all total tossers and to date none of them adequately represent me.
And whilst I value my vote and recognise it is important to use my democratic rights I am seriously concerned that "none of the above" is my only option.

Mr. Morden said...

I too took this poll and was surprised that the BNP came third for exactly the same reasons.

The only difference for me was, that the Lib Dems came bottom, even below the various nationalist parties :o)

It does not make me a racist, but it does show that I care for my country.

Anonymous said...

Same for me, UKIP, Con, BNP.

I'm not really surprised at the BNP showing, basically if it wasn't for their blatant Islamaphobia and race issues i agree with much of what they say.

Surprised the Cons came second, but they are a professional party and as such have form for saying what people want to hear and then doing completely the opposite, so it'll be a cold day in hell before they, or either of the main three, ever see my vote again.

I was voting UKIP anyway, again, the last 30 but especially the last 15 years have proved that the three cheeks of the same arse party are not to be trusted, especially their cast iron promises.



andy5759 said...

Yup, 'None of the Above ' would be a wonderful way of forcing the them wot be to take us seriously. How about 'wright-ins'? A blank line where voters can enter another name. Should that person have the majority, that person should be frog marched to parliament, or wherever, to serve. SERVE.