Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The Human Rights Act, one of the most odious pieces of legislation foisted upon us by the previous Labour government and naturally supported to the hilt by the Lib Dems as it's necessary to have it and remain in the EU. No one in a civilised society believes criminals should have no rights, but the HRA gives them exactly the same rights as a none criminal and this is where the trouble starts...
A SUDANESE rapist who preyed on girls as young as 13 is suing Justice Secretary Chris Grayling over “frustration and anxiety” caused by a delay to his parole hearing.
Adil Aboulkadir, 38, was jailed for a minimum of four years for his part in the abuse of three vulnerable girls.
He was said to have led a gang of five Darfur refugees who groomed victims aged 14 and 13 in Dartford, Kent.
Aboulkadir had already launched a series of taxpayer-funded ­legal actions which could cost Britain more than £250,000 and block moves to deport him for years.
Now he wants damages, saying his human rights were violated because he had to wait seven months for a court date to argue for his freedom.
Taxpayers paid £125,000 for a legally-aided lawyer and ­interpreter during the gang’s trial at Maidstone Crown Court in 2008. Aboulkadir was convicted of rape and sexual ­activity with a child. But he convinced the High Court that his rights were “arguably” violated by a failure to consider release immediately his minimum jail term ended.
He was freed 16 months ­after the four-year tariff expired. Since 2013 he has been in an immigration centre, fighting a bid to deport him.
I actually feel rather sick at having this monster in the same county as me...
Any sane system would have had him deported the second he left prison, any decent system would have had the child rapist take a bullet in the back of the head the moment he was found guilty of his rape jihad. But no, our system gives the monster a chance at milking the taxpayer because the system hurt his feelings by taking too long.
This man should never have been allowed into the UK, he should not have been allowed to remain, but the lunacy that is the HRA which the government won't remove so in love with the EU that it is gives this scum the chance to stay here and possibly be a risk to other children.
This is socialism in action, this is why the left should be regarded in the same light as Nazis, simply unable to be trusted with what's decent and right.
This guy needs hanging, as do his whole legal team and all the politicians who voted for and desire to keep the HRA on the statute books...

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Mr. Morden said...

The problem is that the Political Class have removed themselves both from responsibility and insulated themselves from it effects.

This kind of thing is happening to 'other people' and not them. When it is them or theirs, they will act. Until then, we are expected to suck-it up.

The problem is in Westminster and Whitehall. Yes, you might want to throw in Brussels but, they will yield if they are likely to lose a 'client state'.

Dioclese said...

Don't start me on human fucking rights...

Mark said...

The way "human rights" gets used is not, cannot be an accident. I could rant for England on this one but in this forum there is no need.

Why do they - the political, legal whatever you want to call them class hate the honest people of this country SO much?

If some judge - to paraphrase obviously - said "nice try but just fuck off" how, legally, could he be wrong?

This "right" is not something intrinsic if I can put it that way, not something he could have by simply being left alone. A whole parasitic organisation has to rape my wallet (my sensibilities and every conceivable concept of justice)to provide it.

Personally I would have human slurry like this broken on the wheel and I'm not joking. But before I'd make one of these "human rights lawyers" have him live in their house for six months.