Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So how temporary is temporary?

I've worked on several jobs that have occasionally required a temporary solution simply to get a machine working. The onus has always been to get a permanent repair/solution in place as soon as possible. That said, the number of temporary solutions that have simply had to stay in place until it breaks again would probably be a list far longer than my arm. The main problem was as ever that some other breakdown always took precedent and so many jobs became fire fighting exercises and planned maintenance took a back seat as cost benefits and bean counters reduced maintenance departments due to the lack of problems only to realise after a few months why there were so few problems...
Some of the "most vulnerable" Syrian refugees will be temporarily resettled in the UK, Deputy PM Nick Clegg says.
He said girls and women who had been victims of or were at risk of sexual violence, torture victims, and elderly and disabled people would get priority.
This meant the coalition was ensuring Britain's "long and proud tradition of providing refuge" lived on, he said.
The government expects the number of refugees accepted to be in the hundreds but has not set a specific target.
The UK's resettlement programme is to be separate from the ongoing UN High Commissioner for Refugees scheme which has seen Germany commit to admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees and France take 500.
The BBC understands the refugees will be given temporary visas allowing them to stay for at least three years.
I'm sure some out there are thinking great, more useless mouths to feed, but according to various treaties the UK is obliged to take in some refugees. It could be argued that we should never have signed any such thing, but that's the state of play.
My problem stems from the temporary nature if the visas, as I rather expect in three years time most will be allowed permanent residency and won't be turfed out as the Human Rights Act will be used to prevent this (Watch this space)
Despite the bleatings of Clegg and his Lib Dems as well as the Labour Party, I feel absolutely no moral responsibility for the victims of the Syrian civil war, but unfortunately if Labour and the Lib Dems pushed it, they possibly could (and would) open the floodgates, after all, Labour have form for uncontrolled access to the UK.
Hopefully this will be the end of it, but I have my doubts, if the leftards can't get us fighting for the revolting barbarians in Syria, they'll settle for us taking in their useless mouths.

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Mr. Morden said...

Politicians are paid to thinks with their heads and act on our behalf. Not the other way round.

Anonymous said...

"Temporary" in the same way that Income Tax is a temporary measure to fund the war against Napoleon... Why are their much vaunted "Islamic brothers and sisters" not taking them?

Longrider said...

Temporary in this case should be until the cessation of hostilities - then back you go.

andy5759 said...

My job in the print involved me in cutting corners to get the job out of the door. There's a pun there somewhere.