Thursday, January 30, 2014

Unaccountable cash grab

Seems the higher you go up in the EU the less grasp you have on the basic concept of just whose cash it is you're pronouncing on when it comes to telling national parliaments what to do... something that really they ought not to be able to do anyway...
Eurocrats sparked fury last night by ordering the UK to double dole payments.
The Council of Europe claims the handouts given to Britain’s jobless are ‘manifestly inadequate’.
Ministers have been told they are in violation of the European Social Charter – potentially opening the door for claimants to take the Government to court to get more money.
But ministers say obeying the diktat from the Council, which oversees the controversial European Court of Human Rights, would cost the UK billions of pounds and plunge efforts to reduce the deficit into chaos.
To comply, Jobseeker’s Allow- ance (JSA) would have to be hiked by £71, from £67 to £138 a week.
Last night Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith accused the Council of Europe of ‘lunacy’.
So where's all this extra cash going to come from to pay more to those who don't work?
Oh yes, that's right it'll have to come from the taxpayer both individually and the business world.
All this is because the previous Labour Government signed us up to the Social Charter when they also signed us up to the Human Rights Act and now the ECHR has passed a judgement which will allow the UK courts to penalise the taxpayer by forcing the government to increase benefits.
The only way out of this is to withdraw from the Social Charter, the HRA and probably the EU as both sets of rights are built into the EU's mandate. Sure, no one wants people to live in poverty, but, the cost of all the benefits combined also make living on benefits a viable lifestyle choice and that is simply wrong. Being employed should vastly improve your finances and choices, at the moment it simply doesn't because once you go over a certain threshold you lose the housing benefits and health benefits and a benefitee life becomes an easy option.
It should never be easy to live on state benefits, save if you're ill, disabled or a pensioner, all others should be in the position where a job... any job is a desirable thing to have.
Instead we have the ECHR telling us we should be making it easier for those on benefits to remain there.

2 annotations:

Mr. Morden said...

I am in two minds here. Firstly, I think this is an own goal by the EU and our EU loving Government and politicians. It shows how little control over our affairs we now have and that those we elect to the UK Parliament are nothing but frauds and traitors who are becoming more and more irrelevant by the day.

Secondly, whilst the payments maybe deemed poor, we must bare in mind where these payments come from. They come from hard working taxpayers. This is naked Socialism writ large. No wounder Labour signed up to it. Taking from those who have, to give to those who have not, but not stopping to ask why these people cannot or will not.

Its why Socialism always fails. It never takes into account the outcome of its decisions and never accepts responsibility for them.

John M said...

It's a shame we can't put some of these Euro cretins out of the door on £65pw.

The savings would be far greater than the presumably vast euro salaries these people are currently being paid to do f**k all except irritate us.