Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not a mistake at all...

The BBC have admitted to making a terrible mistake over immigration back during the previous Labour administration. A 'mistake' I believe that many at the BBC and associated leftards believe was no mistake at all.
BBC political editor Nick Robinson yesterday admitted the Corporation was too slow to acknowledge problems and concerns about mass immigration under Labour.
He said that the BBC made a “terrible mistake” in the late 1990s and early 2000s by avoiding a proper debate amid fears it would “unleash” a wave of racism.
As a result, the BBC, along with many in Whitehall and Westminster, had been too slow to recognise and reflect concerns or address evidence of problems brought by large-scale immigration such as falling wages and community tensions.
Speaking ahead of a documentary called The Truth About Immigration that he is presenting tomorrow on BBC2, he said: “In public life, in politics and, I accept, historically at the BBC (we) didn’t have a warts-and-all...debate about immigration.”
Their solution at the time mirrored that of Gordon Brown was to label anyone who brought the subject up as a bigot, racist or right winger and essentially avoided the subject despite a growing awareness by the public that unfettered uncontrolled immigration was proving to be an utter disaster for communities, leading to factionalism, wage crisis and ghettoism along with the rise of islamist agitation.
No, this was no mistake, but deliberate BBC support of the then Labour government and an attempt to blacken the name of any group who pointed the finger at Labour and their new voting pets along with a tacit support of the EU from whom a tide of immigration was flowing and who left many skilled British workers struggling to find decent jobs paying a decent wage.
Still the BBC have come up with a solution, an absolute masterstroke if I don't say so myself...
A BBC spokesman said: “As we’ve previously made clear, this was a historical issue and we now believe our reporting is in the right place.”
Sorted... right?

2 annotations:

DerekP said...

BBC admit skewing and smothering nationally important news for their own purposes - big surprise (not)!

The only BBC 'proper debate' now is 'in what manner should the BBC be broken?'

Kath lissenden said...

well Derr we could have told them all that , the BBC was then and still is out of touch with public opinion.
Too little too late and for it to take this long for them to admit a "mistake" is appalling,but not surprising given that the BBC has been run by leftards for a long time now.
If I want serious unbiased comment on the news the BBC is the last place I would look.