Monday, January 6, 2014

Doing their bit for the environment... not.

What is it with leftards and enviroloons that leads them to believe that they can act with impunity to the law? It's almost as if they believe that the rules of civilised behaviour should be set aside for their cause. After all, what else can you think of the group who did this?
Officers have raided an anti-fracking protest camp after a flare was fired at a police helicopter as it came in to land at a nearby airfield.
The aircrew said the flare appeared to come from the Barton Moss site, in Salford, police have claimed, but protesters at the camp have denied the claim.
Police claimed the incident, which happened around 12.15pm on Saturday as the helicopter came in to lane at Barton airfield, could have had 'catastrophic' consequences.
Whilst I have occasionally taken the police to task about making up or going in on suspicion, I rather doubt they'd lie about someone shooting a flare at their helicopter. Nor do I believe for one instance the claims by the unwashed enviroloons that they did no such thing, after all, they do have form for breaking the law when it's convenient for them.
You do have to laugh at the claims of tapwater catching fire in the ludicrous pictures and defence of the group in the Mail comments, these claims have already been debunked after they were promulgated by director/activist Josh Fox in his first Gasland movie when he showed a resident of Colorado striking a match as water came out of his tap; the natural gas dissolved in the water burst into flame. Yet the water was tested by the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, which reported to the resident: "There are no indications of any oil & gas related impacts to your well water." The agency concluded that the natural gas in his water supply was derived from natural sources—the water well penetrated several coal beds that had released the methane into the well. Same with the claims it poisons the soil, just enviroloon propaganda and a hindrance to their desire to impoverish us all in some grand global wealth distribution scheme by making us pay extra for useless birdmincers and solar panelling.
One could wonder just what these soap dodgers are doing protesting and whether they are getting benefits whilst doing so. It's not likely they'll find work there now is it?
Still if it keeps them happy and off the streets...

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DerekP said...

It's because these ideological wackos are typical of the Left, so proclaim they are acting in an oh-so-(self)important 'socially just' way;
which in their minds supercedes any laws or morality or ethical standards.

Anyone who disagrees with them (with laws, morality or ethics) must be unjust (destroying the planet, future generations yada-yada) and should be liquidated/eliminated/re-educated or whatever the current Leftist EUphemism is (possibly 'MSM-concensus re-education'?) until only the socially just remain.

Frustrated by facts and reality not conforming to their ideology, their inclination to using intimidation and violence is only a hairs-breadth away, as shown historically by so many socialist-types such as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao etc.