Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

2013 was a year of major upheavals for me, the highs were that I finally visited Egypt and had the holiday of a lifetime and that I married off my step-daughter. The lows were losing my job and struggling to find something new and having to do agency work from February to August. At the moment I've just come back from Devon visiting the step-daughter's in-laws for Christmas only to get back and find they had a massive argument after we left (nothing to do with me honest guv) and they followed us back so I now have a house full of my grandchildren as well as their parents.

Wtf was I drinking last night?
So having had an incredible success with my predictions last year where I got all but one right I thought why not try again.
Sadly the muslim problem will only get worse as again and again they'll press for concessions that the powers that be will be only too happy to grant whilst wondering why their popularity with the majority of the population is nosediving.
There will be as usual one major scandal causing a senior politician to retire in disgrace.
Ukip will dominate the EU elections though again won't manage a domestic MP as yet, though will scare the major parties mightily in by-elections where they will push one or more of the big three below them in votes.
The middle east will continue to hold the worlds attention as the regions instability will cause further so called revolutions. The Syrian civil war will rumble on and we won't get involved despite the best attempts of leftards and muslims to try and force us.
President Obama will continue to be highly unpopular at home (his ratings currently are lower than his predecessors and he has the press on his side) his inability to act decisively on the world stage along with his economic mismanagement will leave him as a lame duck president with nothing the people of America can do about it.
The Coagulation will continue to stand, politicians once again proving that power is addictive and trumps common sense and decency any day in their minds.
Scotland will vote on independence and reject it, most ScotNat's will wish they'd asked the English to decide for them instead ;-)
Finally sport, Newcastle will finish above Sunderland in the premiership and if God loves me, Sunderland will be relegated.

Enjoy your year in the safe knowledge that it can only get interesting... in the Chinese style of interesting.

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The Jannie said...

The most attractive of your pronostications is the idea of slimy Alex Salmond with his arse in a sling after a No vote. I may even pray for it . . .

never happy said...

The Jannie.
I suspect you will be proved right but as an Englishman I pray that you are wrong and that the two fishes get a yes vote.

Mr. Morden said...

"Scotland will vote on independence and reject it, most ScotNat's will wish they'd asked the English to decide for them instead ;-)"

Most English Nats' wished they were asked only 'once' if they want to be part of this bloody 'union'.

And as for the other 'union', well, least said the better !

Happy new year QM.

Rickie said...

My predictions have always been correct about ranting bloggers who have personal disasters, their anger then gets blogged under disguise of being angry about ...well anything.

I agree with your UKIP views and even your Islamaphobia isnt completely nutty either, and Sunderland i reckon will be relegated with Norwich surviving.

Hope you get your problems sorted out, a normal life suddenly changes the tunnel vision on issues so many bloggers end up having.

Quiet_Man said...

My problems are sorted, I just see what is happening far more clearly than you do.
Still have a happy new year too.

Longrider said...

Ah, the amateur psychologist - well, at least he is consistent, being entirely wrong as he is about everything.