Thursday, January 2, 2014

Not gonna happen

It's always amusing when a member of the government steps forward to announce that something is going to happen, particularly when you read the small print and know a few things about the process they are talking about.
Pulling out of the European Convention on Human Rights is one option being considered for inclusion in the Conservative 2015 election manifesto, said Justice Secretary Chris Grayling.
He has been an outspoken critic of the European Court of Human Rights which polices how Convention rights are implemented in the 47 member states of the Council of Europe.
He has also backed Tory criticism of Britain’s Humans Rights Act by which Labour wrote Convention rights into UK law and which is blamed for enabling legal judgments that critics say are out of line with public opinion, common sense and the national interest.
Such decisions range from ordering Britain to lift its ban on votes for prisoners and outlawing whole life jail terms to blocking the deportation of foreign criminals because they have fathered children in the UK.
Mr Grayling’s determination to secure change will be widely welcomed within Tory ranks.
The problem for Mr Grayling and indeed the Tory Party is that unless we leave the EU, you cannot amend the Human Rights Act because it's tied to our membership of the EU and once enacted by Tony Blair to give his Mrs a nice little earner has tied us to the European Court of Justice as the highest arbiter of Justice in the EU. So unless The Tory Party intend to take us out of the EU in their next manifesto, removing us from the confines of the HRA isn't going to happen either.
What we have is a Tory trying to give his party a good news day by having a pop at something deeply unpopular with a lot of the UK public and having a dig at their coagulation partners for 'preventing' them from doing something about it now. Despite the fact that the Lib Dems even if they supported such a move wouldn't be able to alter it one bit either.
The only way we can remove the HRA from British law would be to remove ourselves from the EU and then begin the task of removing its insidious links from all law referencing it passed since Labour foisted its madness on us back in the 90's and took us away from common law (and sense) to the code Napoleon of the continental system the EU uses to produce laws allowing you your rights as opposed to the UK system of laws which had to specifically deny you a right.
Still no doubt some people will think they can do it, which I guess was the point.

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