Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Earning your pension

Cameron to right of them, 
 Milliband to left of them, 
 Voters in front of them 
Volley'd and thunder'd 
Storm'd at with hue and cry 
 Boldly they rode Into the jaws of Death 
Into the mouth of Hell 
 Rode the Lib Dem EUphiles 

 With apologies to Alfred Tennyson...

The boy Clegg announced the suicide of his party today, struggling against the rise of Ukip and the voters growing distaste and hatred of the EU Clegg firmly nailed his parties colours to the mast in supporting the EU and gaining his pension for the year from them.
Nick Clegg has used his new year's message to tell voters the Liberal Democrats are "Britain's party of in" when it comes to the European Union.
The Lib Dem leader said other parties would put "narrow political interest" ahead of the UK economy.
Mr Clegg said UKIP "want out" of the EU, the Conservatives were "flirting with exit" and Labour "don't have the courage of their convictions on this"
As this blog has said many times, Cameron and Milliband do not want to take us out of the EU, despite the wishes of many in their parties, what they are aware of though is the growing threat of a party who are determined to take us out and who are taking votes from their core support, both left and right. This means that they are having to go against their base instincts and at least court the anti-EU wings of their parties in order to shore up their support.
Clegg however refuses to do this, he somehow believes that there may be support for the EU in the coming EU elections and that the Lib Dems can tap into it. The fact that he has to big up the EU as part of his pension deal is of course not mentioned by the BBC.
Mind you, bucking national trends is second nature for the Lib Dems, it's part of their mythos of always being the party of choice in protest vote politics, although they've discovered the price of power now in that sooner or later everyone despises you.
So perhaps all this is a cunning plan to send the Lib Dems permanently into protest vote obscurity?
Wouldn't put it past them...

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Their tactic is not that stupid.

For sure, the majority of people don't like the EU, but
a) it is not top of their list of concerns
b) there is a hardcore (a third of voters?) who love it to bits.

So UKIP and the others can squabble over the majority of votes who dislike the EU but who actually put other things firs anyway, and the Lib Dems can hoover up a lot of votes from the pro-EU people.

English Pensioner said...

Staying in the EU is the LibDem's sole unchanging policy.
All other policies vary according to the parliamentary constituancy.

DerekP said...

Their tactic is not that stupid.

For sure, the majority of people don't like the EU, but
a) it is not top of their list of concerns...

Yes, the tactic is quite clever because the 'list of concerns' that the EU is taking away from voter influence is wilfully avoided by the MSM:

- immigration control
affecting jobs, services, traffic, schooling etc;

- energy supply and prices
lack of energy-infrastructure planning, and expensively pointless subsidies for their ideological policies on 'climate change' aka CAGW;

- tax laws
especially regarding international companies like Google, Amazon etc;

- health policy
health tourism & busybody nagging propaganda (where was English public demand for 24-hours drinking or victimising smokers?);

- penal sentencing;

- deportation of serious threats to civil peace and UK population;
- etc.

If people do not know of the EU's influence and power in their lives then of course it is not a major concern for them.

They are just very frustrated that the politicians who they thought ran the country say one thing to keep voters happy, then do something different (obeying the EU) which very often is not what the voters want.

That, I think, is responsible for some of the public's disenchantment with UK politics - it is expensive irritating pompous & pointless chatter (perhaps Kinnock being a prime example).

Rickie said...

@Mark wadsworth,that's about right.

I also believe the public vote on a "in or out" will be a lot closer when the big picture is seen and understood.

I wonder if UKIP will be the next lib dem/ SDLP flop, it wasn't that long ago that David steele and that other SDLP fella were walking arm in arm preparing for government, its still a 2 horse race in my opinion but I agree the Lib dems have fucked up.

Dioclese said...

Clegg is a cunt. 'nuff said.

Longrider said...

He's got nothing to lose, has he? In all likelihood, the LibDems will be annihilated in 2015, so telling the truth about his allegiance won't cost him anything he hasn't already lost.

Mr. Morden said...

Clegg is talking to a whole 'new' set of people and we cannot even see it.

To explain:

The May 2014 elections are for the EU Parliament, yes ? Well, every EU Citizen, and that means you, me and Mr. & Mrs European immigrant, including Gypsies, French etc. can vote in this country, or 'region' as the EU call us. The system of voting is NOT FPTP but proportional, which the LibDem's do well in.

Clegg is not talking to the likes of you or me (UK). He is talking to a whole load of imported voters who will vote for scum like him.

Think about it.