Friday, November 22, 2013

Normalising a debased religion

I don't like islam, I believe that those who bomb, maim, mutilate, rob, steal, rape, groom underage children are all following in the exact words of its founder. That's not to say that all muslims are bad people, it's just my opinion that many are good people in spite of their religion, rather than because of it.
So it comes as no surprise that a leftard headmistress jumped the gun by telling parents that children would be marked down for racial discrimination if they did not attend a workshop on Islam. This is despite the fact that islam, nor muslim is actually a race despite the best attempts by the moronic left to insist that it is...
Parents today accused a primary school of trying to 'blackmail' them after they were told their children would be marked down for racial discrimination if they did not attend a workshop on Islam.
The headmistress of Littleton Green Community School, in Huntington, Staffordshire, wrote to parents telling them about the school trip to the Explore Islam workshop at Staffordshire University next week.
They were told the Years Four and Six children would be looking at religious artefacts on their visit - and threatened with being labelled as racists 'throughout their school career' if they did not go.

Going through the various comments also displays a staggering ignorance with few being able to tell the difference between a religion and race. As for the schools reasoning that they have to study another religion, you'd think they'd opt to avoid one with a history of barbarism that stretches through to today. This comes on top of a threat of another twin towers outrage by muslim groups in Norway if they don't get a part of Oslo declared a muslim enclave under shariah law.
This is why there is no place for islam in any civilised society and this is why the left who have been complicit in apologising for these barbarians have no place in government, power or influence in the UK as they too are the enemies of civilisation.
We are storing up a dreadful legacy for our children by allowing this religion a place in our society in pretty much the same way as the left supported Hitler at the beginning of WW2 because of the pact between Hitler and Stalin and ended up horrified by the invasion of the barbaric Soviet Union.
You reap what you sow, something leftards and other apologists for the religion of hate seem to forget.

4 annotations:

Dioclese said...

abso-fucking-lutely outrageous!

Anonymous said...

QM I would almost think this was a wind up unfortunately I have come to know better. I hope a parent or parents challenge this preposterous threat

I promise this I have an 8 yo girl and 5 yo boy if I ever get a letter like this then I will make a rest case of it after I have stood in the head's office

Anonymous said...

How on earth can you "permanently" label a child as a racist for the actions of someone else?

The leftards always "supporting" the working class. You will stump up £5, even if Xmas is approaching and you're short. If you don't we will taint your children for life.

Anonymous said...

I think a solicitors letter to this 'teacher' stating that any action she takes against a child over this matter shall result in legal action being taken against her and the school for defamation.

The Left are nothing more than a nasty bunch of bullies who, like all bullies, if you stand up to them they soon cower. That is why the Left, Feminist groups and anti-abortion groups do not take on certain religion's. They know there will be hell to pay if they do.