Saturday, November 23, 2013

Amoral Familism

Amoral Familism is a term used to describe the institution in certain groups by which they place value on the immediate family/tribe rather than say the common good or what's good for all. Western civilisation shed this concept when it entered the age of the nation state and society extended its outlook from the immediate to the inclusive. We have the concept of England and English and the strong bonds within whereby we'll act according to the concepts of the national interest rather than what's good for me, my family, or my tribe. That's not to say we don't have self interests and don't look after our families, but that it's not the be all and end all of the way we look at things.
Sadly other societies, including some who have settled amongst us do not have this outlook.
Attorney General Dominic Grieve has said politicians need to "wake up" to the issue of corruption in some minority communities.
Mr Grieve told the Daily Telegraph it was not restricted to "any one community" but he was referring mainly to "the Pakistani community".
He said it must be made "absolutely clear" that a "favour culture" is unacceptable in Britain.
One Pakistan-born MP accused Mr Grieve of "dividing" communities.
Mr Grieve told the Telegraph he would be "wary of saying" it was just a Pakistani problem, pointing out corruption was found in the "white Anglo-Saxon" community too.
The favour culture is endemic in societies who are amoral familists, it means that in order to get something done, you need to be related to the people doing it or pay over the odds and still have to wait if a family member wants something done first. It also means that certain communities will only vote for their own and will use criminal methods to ensure that a member of that community will get ahead, hence the electoral postal vote fraud in certain communities.
The other problem with amoral familists is that they do not see other communities as 'people' hence high-profile stories involving child abuse, Islamist extremism, slavery and corruption within those communities committed against those who are not are often prevalent in the news and brought to your attention by blogs like this. It's also why those communities are often closed to outsiders, paranoid, defensive and subject to violence if their way of life and beliefs are challenged. That the moronic left are willing to stand and defend them is simply a bonus to them and reinforces their supremacism. This is despite the fact that once those communities gain real power, the left are usually the first up against the wall.
As my previous post said, we are storing up a dreadful legacy for our children by allowing these communities to abuse our way of life.
It will end in tears.

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john in cheshire said...

Well said. I just wish more people would take heed.

Anonymous said...

" . . once those communities gain real power, the left are usually the first up against the wall."

That's about the only good thing to come out of all this.

As they sowed, so shall they reap.

If the likes of Mandelson thought it OK to, "send out search parties", you can bet he will be amongst the first to be dangling from a crane when it kicks off.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said.....
"you can bet he will be amongst the first to be dangling from a crane when it kicks off." - BLOODY HOPE SO.

Sikander Hayat said...

Dominic Grieve’s comments are unfortunate.
Law is equal for everyone. if someone has broken the law, punish them, do not punish the whole community.

Kath lissenden said...

It is typical and the problem is that these sorts of double standards are seen as normal now.
My biggest bug bear in live is double standard and this is a glaring example had a pakistani MP made these sort of comments about a white MP parliament would be sitting on the benches shouting hear hear. However a white MP makes these comments and the next thing you know he is being investigated by the Met and berated by Keith Vaz for being racist. it's a joke.

john in cheshire said...

Kath, it certainly is double standards but it's no joke. I have a tax inspector friend and I remember him mentioning to me twenty or so years ago how immigrants were evading tax and blatently lying when called in to discuss their accounts. Mr Grieve is telling the truth and has nothing to apologise.