Sunday, November 3, 2013


Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason, why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

Bonfire night as it's sometimes known as, a celebration in the UK of a plot foiled to destroy our Parliament and possibly herald in a different regime more friendly to Catholicism. Or in my eyes a reminder to Parliament that next time they might not be so lucky.
Still, as ever there's someone out there who wants to ban it, but not for the usual 'fireworks are dangerous' meme that comes around at this time of year.
No, they want it banned because it's anti-Catholic.
BONFIRE Night should have been stopped years ago ­because of its anti-Catholic overtones, campaigners say.
Burning an effigy of the Pope at Lewes, East Sussex, is especially offensive, they insist, and setting fire to a likeness of Guy Fawkes is just outdated.Bonfire Night commemorates the Gunpowder Plot of November 5, 1605, when ­Catholic rebels tried to blow up Parliament and kill the Scottish Protestant king James I.
They were caught, tortured and put to death, but Fawkes ­declared: “Our intention was to blow back the beggarly Scots to their native mountains.”
Now Edinburgh Secular Society chairman Gary McLelland wants to purge Bonfire Night of sectarian links. He said: “I think we should have stopped years ago. Bonfire Night should become a purely secular event.”
Well, I have news for Mr McLelland, bonfire night is pretty much a secular event as even Catholics take part in it and thoroughly enjoy setting off fireworks like the rest of us.
Again though this is simply just another case of someone (or society) with an agenda looking to generate headlines at a particular time of the year. The various Secular Societies are not particularly nice people in that they believe that those who are religious should be treat differently from the rest of society, not just the dangerous religions though, all religions. It is these killjoys who would ban Christmas and Easter,  something even Cromwell tried and failed at. Naturally though the Secular Societies usually pick on religions they know will shrug and get on with things, you rarely hear of them having a go at islam for instance which shows that self preservation rather than actual commitment is at the source of their litany of complaints.
As it is, Edinburgh Secular Society chairman Gary McLelland has his fifteen minutes of fame and the rest of us know what a tosser he actually is.
There is nothing religious about Bonfire Night any more, hasn't been for several generations. I know that, you know that, the Roman Catholic Church knows that.
Shame Gary McLelland doesn't appear to know it...

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Rickie said...

Burning an effigy of the Pope on Bonfire night is religous...i know it , Gary Mclelland and the Roman Catholic Church know it and the buggers who burned an effigy of the pope in Sussex know it.

Why don't you know it Quiet man?

I wouldn't worry yourself about Bansturbators running amok, nothing gets banned when money/profit/taxes are involved, although bloggers do like to get hysterical when any old tom dick or fanny expresses an odd opinion, at least you didn't connect this "banwaffle" story and the end of civilisation as we know it shit.

Quiet_Man said...

Talking leftard bollocks as usual Rickie. Burning an effigy is one thing, calling out for the pope to be burned or Catholics to be prevented from having the full entitlements to society another. McLelland is an arse who is grabbing his fifteen minutes of fame. There is nothing religious about Bonfire night to the people letting off the fireworks, hasn't been for several generations.

Longrider said...

In that case, burning an effigy of Katie Hopkins is religious. FFS!

Bonfire night lost its religious overtones centuries ago. The Catholics don't give a toss and rightly so. McLelland is a dick.

Anonymous said...

Bonfire night is not getting banned , its not been suggested for it to be banned, although offending 1.2 billion Catholics by burning the Pope's image is best avoided and should be stopped.

Yet another Bansturbator story thats full of shite, what actually ever gets banned?, this story is cock eyed crap that doesn't make sense.

Go and "bansturbate" over something else. there is nothing in this one.

@Katie Hopkins....yeah i like a mature fit blonde posh bird with a bad attitude.


Rickie said...

Perhaps next time Quiet Man you could read the article that you link to carefully and understand its content, before you make it worse by addding a daft slant to it.

Its obvious that you got confused during a rushed misguided attempt to shove something Islamic in a thread.

Don't worry i won't post that post again, the truth had already been outed in my first reply, i won't promise to post in agreement again either on another thread, that is the job of your "yes men" pen pals, i am too honest and will always post an honest viewpoint even if i break the sacred bloggers pledge of "agreement only".

You act exactly in the same way as the people you despise by stifling debate and censoring, this is exactly why immgration happened and this creeping islamification that you bang on about.

EDL won't get a fair hearing cos the buggers won't allow it.



Quiet_Man said...

What part of "Bonfire Night should be banned because its 'anti-Catholic', say campaigners" as a headline are you struggling with Rickie?
The post wasn't about islam but rather the pathetic secularists who choose safe targets and call for imaginary censures on subjects which really have no relevance to the population of England today.
I haven't called for the banning of anything, nor do I censure free speech despite the obvious intent by the secular society to impose its will in the article.
Nor was the post about the EDL despite your somewhat roundabout attempt to link to them.
As for my pen pals, I don't have any, I comment on other blogs and they comment on mine, I don't necessarily agree with them and they have exactly the same rights with my blog too. The fact that you regularly have your balls handed to you on a plate owing to your ill judged comments speaks far more about you, than I.

Leg-iron said...

By that token, Easter is outdated and so is Christmas, both being pre-christian festivals.

All of Christianity is older than the Guy Fawkes bonfires (which originated in Pagan purification festivals anyway) and so is Islam and by a long way, Judaism. By possibly an even longer way, Hinduism.

Should we ban them all?

Then we can truly have the grey, dull world of Socialism where nobody ever does anything of interest at all.

I'm glad I'm old. The young have a seriously dreary life ahead of them.

Rickie said...

"Bonfire Night should be banned because its 'anti-Catholic', say campaigners"

The part you are struggling with Quiet Man is that no campaigners said that....well you are not really struggling anymore because the penny already dropped hasn't it?.

That,s why you want me to comment on a, the headline is quite clearly understandable , its just a lie that you repeated.

Bonfire night ban never was mentioned except in a fake headline that you initially swallowed hook line and sinker.

In true blogging bansturbating shite, Leg-iron connected a nothing ban story to doom and gloom and glad he is old nonsense, and more possible bans.

Bans...what bans???

smoking aint banned...fuck all is banned when revenue for the Government is involved, that's how life works.

Grasp simple facts of life and the fantasy of bans will slowly fade and you can too read bloggers threads and laugh at them too.


Quiet_Man said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear Rickie, whilst it's an absolute joy to have you post here and demonstrate the hard of thinking attitude that can lead someone to vote BNP I do feel I have to disabuse you of your rather quaint notion that the headlines of a newspaper article somehow doesn't reveal the truth of a matter.
First let me introduce you to the concept of 'duty of care' what this means is that new agencies have to publish the truth, they can slant it to suit their own prejudices, but essentially they aren't allowed to lie and if they put 'banned' into the article headline, then unless they wish to be sued for libel, they had better be able to back it up.
So, let's go to the article.
"Edinburgh Secular Society chairman Gary McLelland wants to purge Bonfire Night of sectarian links. He said: “I think we should have stopped years ago. Bonfire Night should become a purely secular event.”
Now notice the word 'stopped'?
Now calling for something to be stopped is a form of censorship, particularly in the case where for the vast majority of the people it has little or no relevance as the sectarian aspects of it rarely come to the consciousness of society, it being simply an excuse to let off fireworks and burn a 'Guy' I doubt many will actually associate Guy Fawkes with the Catholic conspiracy to blow up Parliament, nor will feel any urges to do the same to Catholics.
So essentially the idiot McLelland is insisting that something be banned or stopped, hence the headline.
Now as this blog supports freedom of speech, I don't want anyone to ban something so stupid, I want people to know the truth and act accordingly. Hence i support the right of the people of Lewes to burn an effigy of the Pope and possibly upset some Catholics, because I'm right up there with Rowan Atkinson who said that no one has the right to not be offended. It's words, history, effigies, not violence against people and if the idiot McLelland cannot accept that people know the difference then he truly is a bansturbator.
That you cannot see the difference is disturbing, but not remarkable given your previous outbursts on this blog, still feel free to comment in future, we could all do with a laugh.

Rickie said...

Bonfire night has never been suggested for a ban no matter how many times you squirm over it.

Facts are in black and white.

you can trot out essentially/hence/accordingly as many times as you like, it will not change the facts.

Campaigners never called for BONFIRE NIGHT TO BE BANNED.


Quiet_Man said...

The only simple thing around here is you Rickie.
McLelland is calling for the sectarian aspects of Guy Fawkes night to be stopped Deny black is white all you like, he is calling for a ban of certain aspects of bonfire night.

James Higham said...

LOL - enjoyable thread. Burn the bastards, burn, burn.

Longrider said...

Looks like you've got a troll.