Monday, November 4, 2013

Well, there's a surprise

Seems the Labour party's troubles in Falkirk are not going to go away so easily, despite a police investigation, it appears that the accusations of vote rigging by Unite can't be brushed under the carpet quite so easily.
Labour could reopen its inquiry into vote-rigging scandal which exposed union dominance, the party's leader in Scotland said today.
Johann Lamont admitted the original investigation into Unite's influence on candidate selection 'wasn't entirely complete' and should be looked at again.
The leader of Labour MSPs and MPs north of the border also said the long-running row had left people in Falkirk 'embarrassed' to be members of the party.
Lorraine Kane triggered a major probe into alleged electoral corruption when she revealed her family had been signed up to the Labour Party without their consent.
The investigation into Mrs Kane’s case was dropped suddenly in September, after Unite officials produced documents stating that she had withdrawn her claims.
But, speaking for the first time, Mrs Kane, 61, told the Mail: ‘I did not change the testimony. I did not change anything. I did not withdraw anything.’ She is now demanding to know whether the evidence she gave was tampered with by Unite.
Always the problem with declaring something with the testimony open to dispute, something you'd think the left would be very wary of having been involved in scandal after scandal in... well pretty much its entire history.
You get the feeling that 'the end justifies the means' is a mantra running through the collective consciousness of the left as they will say or do anything to try and enforce their will on a populace who frankly cannot stomach socialism when it comes out in its own clothing and has to wear the colouration of the Labour Party to try and get itself elected. Unions themselves have a major problem in that whilst most of us can see the point of having someone to represent the workforce in negotiations over pay and conditions, unfortunately those that representation tend to be full time activists with their own 'political' agendas. which are often at odds with what the ordinary members want.
I suppose it comes down to the fact that Union members get exactly the leadership they deserve, then again they rarely get a chance to elect their leadership once its in place, nor do they usually get a chance to select the candidates. Which I suppose is pretty much socialism in action where 'the people' are merely cannon fodder in the great scheme to enslave mankind in leftist barbarism.
After all, what else can you think about an economic and political philosophy which has failed time and time again yet still is advocated by Unions and leftards as the way forward?
The only way that these people can ever get elected is by sneaking in under the radar of the Labour Party, this time Unite looks like its fingers will be burnt...
Let's hope so.

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