Saturday, November 2, 2013

I'm surprised its actually that many

The Human Rights Act with its various annexes as used by the legal fraternity to remove common sense from the legal system is a bit of a sick joke. Sure there needs to be some sort of rights for the vast majority, but nothing like what the HRA actually allows for and are interpreted by lawyers. A lot of people believe that there should be a gradiated scale of rights from absolute basic (we won't shoot you without a trial) to full citizen. In other words we treat lawbreakers differently from those who are innocent.
And hence lies the big problem with the HRA.
Metropolitan Police figures show only one in 100 foreign ­nationals arrested are removed from Britain.
Senior officers have raised concerns over the sheer number of foreign offenders.
Around 70,000 people arrested in London a year are from overseas – half from outside the European Union.
But Scotland Yard said a mere one per cent ended up ­being deported.
Isn't it a joy to know that we arrests them, try them, imprison them and yet they are allowed to stay for various spurious reasons due to the UK's legal systems interpretation of the HRA, which is apparently far, far different to that of judges anywhere else. The main reason used to stay is of course the odious 'right to a family life' despite the case that a lot of the time, the family are estranged and in a few cases the offender is/was a child molester or rapist and their rights trumped those of societies for remaining safe.
In a sensible world, any foreign national who commits a crime would find themselves kicked out after serving their sentence and even charged with the bill for doing so, but sadly the bleeding heart liberals and hard of thinking leftards who came up with the HRA do not usually have to live with the mess they created and so they get the right to remain.
No wonder the first cry in a lot of revolutions is 'kill the lawyers'

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DerekP said...

£eftard £awyers like giving criminals more rights than victims, as when the criminals get to stay in the country and out of prison
more crimes + more victims = more £s.

Anonymous said...

All it would take is an immigration law which states that those who are given shelter and refuge in this country and then go on to commit a serious criminal offence will lose that refuge and will be returned either to their country of birth or where they arrived in UK from (failing that, be dumped outside the European Court of Human Rights). This will apply to all dependent relatives and if the 'right to family life' excuse is given, then the wife, if British born, can go with them too. If they don't want to, then it shows their family life was sh*t in the first place.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Tes, broadly agreed and agreed with both comments, but do not forget that in the UK as in most countries, crime rates have been falling quite significantly for about twenty years.

Anonymous said...

They should make right of asylum into a legally binding contract,the second that an immigrant commits a crime that contract is broken and the right to remain becomes null and void

Anonymous said...

It has long been known that crime figures and statistics have been manipulated. Both by senior Police officers to further their advancement, and collect their bonuses, and by politicians to show they are getting on top of crime and anti-social behaviour. One joke amongst CID was that the difference between a theft and a burglary (a more serious crime) was if there was a body on the end of it!