Sunday, November 17, 2013

And when they simply leave?

A lot of people like me dislike taxation, particularly taxation that ends up being spent on what we consider frivolities, translation services, quango's, fake charities, community groups, particularly those groups which benefit no one other than an insular community, politicians expenses etc. I'm not opposed to all taxes, however I'm a great believer that we should only be paying the government the bare minimum required to keep the country going, defence, infrastructure, law enforcement etc.
Unfortunately the political classes and the various faux leftards and libtards who infest them disagree with this philosophy and have the oddest set of criteria for grabbing cash from people...
Nick Clegg says he wants the “super wealthy” to pay an extra £1 billion in tax to fund a cut in income tax for lower-paid workers.
The Deputy Prime Minister said he wanted the Coalition to increase the starting threshold for income tax above £10,000, cutting taxes for basic-rate workers.
His call comes as senior Conservatives debate increasing the threshold before the next election to appeal to lower-paid voters.
Mr Clegg said the tax cut would cost around £1 billion, money he said could be raised by imposing new taxes on the better-off, perhaps a “mansion tax” on expensive homes.
The Coalition has already set out plans to increase the threshold to £10,000, a policy ministers say will cut tax for more than 20 million workers.
Classic smash and grab socialism, looks brilliant to those who seem to believe that the super rich will actually hang around long enough to be taxed. As ever though the problem is that if you start penalising a group with the wherewithal to up and move, guess what they'll do? Instead of looking for ways to cut government spending, the boy Clegg (and other politicians) always reaches for the option of tax more and as ever tries to justify a tax increase by specifically targeting a group that he knows some people out there would love to see hit.
The best way to reduce taxation for all in this country, would be to take a chainsaw to government spending both national and local. Get rid of frivolous spending and remove funding for anything unnecessary to the actual running of the country, this includes removing whole swaths of middle management in the NHS, simply let nurses and doctors treat the sick and set their own priorities including getting people in to keep the wards clean. Destroy the race/discrimination industry, everyone is equal, we have laws to ensure that so stop funding 'special groups'
Make the benefits system a safety net for the unemployed, a comfort for the old and sick and a bloody uncomfortable place to be for anyone capable of working who believes that having more than three kids is a lifestyle choice if they can't pay for them.
We start by hanging the politicians and the lawyers who say we can't do this...

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Anonymous said...

Buying votes with other peoples money. Nothing new, and totally scandalous.

People like Clegg, Cameron, and Milliband actually believe they, and only they, can save the world. They just need time and lots and lots of our cash.

Budvar said...

I think it should be a mixture of the 2, cuts in spending on all the crap, and leaning on oligarchs like Rupert Murdoch who pays less in income tax than I pay in duty on beer and fags.

He wants to fuck off, well fine, take your Sky TV and news international with you. Oh that's right, you can't.

He could try I suppose, but I'm sure the gov could make it very difficult to run a business from a offshore tax haven.

Longrider said...

They could fund a cut in everyone's income tax very easily. Stop all funding for charity and foreign aid. Close down all government departments that do not oversee essential services - so arts, media and sport can go straight off.

There, back of a fag packet budgeting and everyone benefits - unless you are a tax leech, that is...

The Jannie said...

Anonymous wrote :
Buying votes with other peoples money. Nothing new, and totally scandalous.

Worked in the US, look what a fine president they got . . .

Anonymous said...

I think we should be able to select what we spend our tax on and what proportion ie have some compulsory elements and the optional if I want no optionals I can add to the compulsory so the figures balance against my obligation