Monday, November 18, 2013

Waste of time

Now I don't like child abusers, both mental, sexual and physical, unlike the current justice system we have in the UK my own preferred methods would be quick and permanent for those who abused beyond reasonable disciplinary bounds for physical abuse with the same applied to sexual abuse of a clear minor. Naturally I'd approach said justice with the use of common sense and not precedent nor would I be in support of any waste of time methods used simply to garner votes.
In my eyes it would have to work...
Leading search engine companies Google and Microsoft have agreed measures to make it harder to find child abuse images online.
As many as 100,000 search terms will now return no results that find illegal material, and will trigger warnings that child abuse imagery is illegal.
PM David Cameron has welcomed the move but said it must be delivered or he would bring forward new legislation.
Child protection experts have warned most images are on hidden networks.
In July, Mr Cameron called on Google and Microsoft's Bing - which together account for 95% of search traffic - to do more to prevent people getting access to illegal images.
The part in bold is the crux of the matter, considering how Google (at least) scans everything you type into it in order to target you for adverts (Note, if you're getting something for free, chances are you aren't a recipient, but a product, and sold as such) Does anyone else here suspect that those who wish to look at images of child abuse are not going to use Google or Bing? Hell I even expect that they aren't (if they are smart) using a mainstream browser or operating system either.
In essence this is probably simply a method by the two search engine operators to prevent idiots like Cameron coming up with stupid legislation to cripple their operations. You can almost see the mission creep from such legislation creeping into other areas such as MP scandals etc with the introduction at a later date of addendum's to the original bill. After all, look at the abuse of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 since it was introduced to combat terrorism. It's been used to check on abuse of school catchment areas, improper use of recycling bins, neighbourhood disputes etc.
The government knows that any move to combat child abuse will be popular, the problem is that the government can't be trusted to not add to any such moves.
You can bet if the two search engine operators fail to do as the government wants that such legislation will be waiting in the wings.
You can bet it will be popular.
You can bet it won't work as planned.
You can bet that it will be expanded into other areas the government doesn't want us to look at...

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Anonymous said...

One hundred thiusand search terms. FFS that is a lot of banned phrases. Just where did they come up with that large number.

This will clearly block a lot more than just child abuse related images.

Quiet_Man said...

I suspect you're right.

Rickie said...

Waste of not really, if it works a little as planned then that's a good thing, clever buggers will always bypass controls whereas numbnuts may be stumped or thwarted or hindered.

There is aleady an area i would like the government to expand to and that's Smoking Denial, i would back legislation to make this illegal and block websites that promote smoking does not kill.

These perverts can harm children too, i don't want children reading this shite which celebrates and promotes smoking and calls health advice lies and health workers liars and bullies and also mocks help to stop children smoking.

This truth about smoking is non political and has worldwide agreement, a sect of extremist smokerloonies should not be able to spout such lies just as child abusers should not be able to justify their perversions either.

Quiet_Man said...

What individuals do to their bodies is their business, and definitely not yours or the governments. There is enough evidence out there to suggest that the anti-smoking lobby have grossly distorted the facts on smoking, and I say that as a non-smoker.

Rickie said...

The anti smoking lobby are health experts from every country in the world who all sing the same tune.

Don't be fooled by smokerloonies who try and squeeze the worldwide agreement on smoking into an imaginary small control freak nutters group led by Debs Arnott who control smoking issues.

That's distortion along with the line you spouted about bodies and their business, no smoker has been stopped from smoking, nobody is being bullied.

Smoking kills and denial and publishing lies about that fact which children could read should be illegal.

Quiet_Man said...

Oddly enough the global warming enviroloons are all 'experts' too, yet strangely enough they've lied to get funding.
Try smoking indoors in the UK if you want to see a ban in action, even in places where no one would object.
Pubs and clubs are closing down throughout the country because social smokers now sit at home and buy from supermarkets.
Btw, there are no carcinogens in nicotine, but four known carcinogens in diesel fumes which is why cancer rates are higher along motorways and in town, strangely enough the anti-smoking lobby used those figures to justify their ban at least until they got their fingers burned over it.

Rickie said...

The anti smoking lobby is a worldwide accepted opinion on smoking, and probably the only issue all the countries in the world agree on.

The liars and lying comes from a sect of about 20 bloggers who promote smoking does not kill, there are more bloggers like yourself who pussy foot around with "lying" but won't take the leap yet into the fantasy of smoking does not kill....but it may come soon in an attempt to get more pen pals blog followers.

This is the problem with anything and everything is acceptable and the government should leave the internet alone position, the perverted get to publish dangerous lies, if child abusers were given an amnesty to promote their views then it would draw more naive fools into it.

There is one obsessive grandmother troll on twitter who uses her granddaughters image as her avatar thingy to celebrate smoking and promote it and trolls everyone and anyone with health advice and anti smoking views as "bullies" on a daily basis

Honestly there are some twisted nutters out there who should be blocked.

Pubs are closing down because younger generations have no interest in "going to the pub", no interest whatsoever in spending all night clutching a real ale in a village pub, the smoking ban hasn't helped but its a tiny part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

I smell ASH troll. Rickie, your opinions are ill informed and offensive.

Quiet_Man said...

Odd that Rickie should choose child molesters to compare to smokers as an example of how he views his opposition.
One being a criminal act, the other being a legitimate if persecuted one.