Saturday, November 16, 2013

You what?

Apparently if the government goes ahead and reduces (should be removes, but its a tax and they won't) the green levy on power generation then the price of our gas and electricity may rise! In an argument that only an enviroloony could love, never mind comprehend the Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee announced this rather startling conclusion yesterday...
David Cameron’s push to cut “green” levies on gas and electricity bills could end up increasing energy bills, MPs have said.
The Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee said that cutting support for renewable energy generation will drive away vital investment in the energy sector, pushing up prices.
The committee’s warning came as officials finalised a list of options for changing levies applied to bills, with a scheme that funds home insulation among those facing cuts.
The Government says the UK energy industry needs £110 billion of new generators and transmission networks to remain functional in 2020.
One can only assume these people are bonkers as they seem to believe that such a move will cut investment, although as far as I can see it would only cut investment in bird mincers and solar panelling. There are much, much cheaper ways of generating electricity than the carbon free methods as required by the EU, you can even get lean burn coal generating plants with very low emissions, but sadly the investors behind the bird mincers have used a non-existent fear of the planet warming to push through damaging and costly legislation to line their own pockets via the hidden taxation of the green levy. This has pushed fuel bills up by at least 10% and led to the closing down of far more efficient power stations leaving the country pushed to the limit to keep the lights on... although the reserve means that brownouts are still unlikely despite some alarmist claims.
In the meantime, companies still build bird mincers that don't work when there's no wind (or too much) and sell us solar panel which don't work in the dark and then charge us via the levy for the expensive electricity they produce at the wrong times.
When a cheap means of generating carbon free electricity comes along, I'll get behind it, however I doubt there's any such beast and I shouldn't be paying the cost of finding it, nor should anyone else. People will die because they can't afford to heat their homes this winter, their blood is on the governments and the enviroloonies hands...

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