Friday, November 15, 2013

Their problem, not ours

I honestly don't know why the boy Clegg bothers, his defence of the EU now borders on the ridiculous as he seems to believe that the EU will be impoverished without us...
A BRITISH exit from the European Union would "impoverish" the continent as a whole, Nick Clegg has warned.
The Deputy Prime Minister said the Conservatives' "flirtations" with withdrawal would not succeed and claimed the EU was needed to help secure the UK's economic recovery and beat crime.
Mr Clegg, speaking after bilateral talks with his Irish counterpart Eamon Gilmore, said: "Reform is one thing, flirting with exit - which is what the Conservative Party appears to be doing - is something that I think, if it were ever to happen, which I don't believe it will, would be hugely damaging to the United Kingdom.
"I think it would be damaging to Ireland since we're joined at the hip economically and I think it would also in many ways impoverish the European Union as a whole.
 Usual claptrap about us not managing without the EU, although Norway and Switzerland seem to do fine outside. Why he seems to think that the UK leaving the EU will impoverish the EU as an argument for staying in is somehow going to garner sympathy is a bit perplexing to say the least. It really isn't our problem, it's the EU's and I doubt that other than electoral bribes in some sort of media campaign that the money we pay in will even come close to being repaid.
The EU itself is corrupt to the core as only a political organisation can be, it even surpasses our bloodsucking parasites politicians and the boy Clegg surely knows this, yet wishes us to remain in. I believe this is what's known as putting party political interests first, something that the Labour and Tory leadership seem to manage pretty well too.
It's not for me to tell anyone reading this how to vote, all I can say is that if you do vote for the Lib/Lab/Con, you're voting to perpetuate the situation we're already in and politicians like Clegg will keep coming out with the vacuous statements that the EUphiles believe make good reading... though only to other EUphiles, hopefully an endangered species, though sadly not amongst the political classes.

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Anonymous said...

doesn't Clegg 'have' to believe in order to qualify for his EU pension?

Quiet_Man said...

I believe he does.

James Higham said...

Posted on it myself.

Just without words, shaking the head.