Tuesday, October 29, 2013

People will sign anything.

Female Genital Mutilation is a barbarous act, it's not circumcision (something I'm ambivalent about) the clue is in the word 'mutilation' by which the clitoris of a young girl is removed to stop her enjoying sex and hence less likely to want another man. Whilst the practice is often carried out by islamobarbarians, it isn't only that group which carries it out, there are African tribes of various religions involved too.
It however sadly came as no surprise to me when an anti FGM campaigner brought out a fake survey for people to sign and within a short time 19 out of twenty people had signed it agreeing that FGM is a good thing despite the anti-FGM campaigner mentioning the word mutilation when asking them to sign.
A female genital mutilation (FGM) campaigner was left in tears after an experiment intended to assess the impact of political correctness on the fight against cutting saw 19 people sign a fake pro-FGM petition within 30 minutes.
Leyla Hussein, 32, who suffered female genital mutilation as a child, approached shoppers in Northampton with the petition, which argued that as FGM was part of her culture, it should be protected.
During the 30-minute experiment, 19 people signed the petition and just one refused - a result Hussein blamed on the all-pervading culture of political correctness.
According to a recent study by UNICEF, as many as 30 million girls are at risk of being subjected to FGM within the next decade, in the UK an estimated 66,000 women are believed to have undergone the process and 24,000 girls are considered at risk.
Guess how many people in the UK who have been arrested for allowing this to happen to their daughters? The answer is the same as the number of fingers on your nose.
This is a barbarous crime and yet people blithely signed a pro FGM petition because the campaigner believed that she was  not white and they didn't want to appear racist. Christ on a pogo stick have we sunk so low that people don't listen to what's being said but rather react to how people look?
This blog had long railed against political correctness, the dumbing down of education and the inherant racism of multiculturalism yet until today I hadn't realised just how far the people of this land have fallen
This is a direct result of the application of something akin to the GIGO principle of computer analysis, it stands for garbage in = garbage out (a fact used to death by the global warming cult) Goebbels called it the big lie as in tell someone loud enough and long enough that black is white, sooner or later they'll believe you and the indigenous people of the UK now appear to believe that it is racist to question what a person of another colour tells them.
It's days like this that I know we're doomed. 

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Fahrenheit211 said...

I'm utterly disgusted by this. It is an extreme example of how political correctness is stopping people from condemning something that most of the civilised world considers as evil.

Bucko The Moose said...

I'd have told her to fuck off with no hesitation

Kath lissenden said...

I too would have refused to sign, I am very anti FGM and have campaigned for a long time about this barbaric practice. It just goes to show what we have all been saying for a long time now this country is so wound up In Political correctness and not wanting to be seen as racist that like lambs to the slaughter 90% of people will baaa like sheep and ask to be covered in mint sauce rather than stand up for their morals and principles.
Disgusting, sadly though until the government practices what they preach and actually prosecute for this crime, the Muslims will go on doing it in the name of religion, and our leftie pc brigade will continue to yell freedom of choice for muslims.

Anonymous said...

Once 'they' have been allowed to set the agenda on what is and, what is not permissible, you lay yourself open to all manner of abuse.

The problem is, if you are someone on the Government payroll and something like this is going on, you are going to have to think of the 'political' dynamic and not necessarily the moral and legal case.

This has happened elsewhere in our society with terrible consequences for the victims.

The delicate bonds of society are slowly be resolved and those on the periphery, the weak, the old, the vulnerable, are the one who will turn to the state for help and, if need be, protection. And when the state has you in your grip, it will not let go.