Thursday, October 31, 2013

Imagine the situation reversed

Can you imagine the outcry if employers deliberately targeted union activists and their families during an industrial dispute? Imagine that they sent 'heavies' to union leaders homes and tried to humiliate them in front of their families.That wanted posters with pictures of the union reps were posted through doors and were seen by the union reps kids.
Yet Unite the union has representatives who believe they have the right to do such a thing to management...
The full extent of the Unite union’s campaign of bullying and intimidation against senior managers during the bitter Grangemouth oil refinery dispute is revealed today.
In a disturbing echo of the union militancy of the 1970s and 80s, Unite leaders deployed a dirty tricks squad to personally target and humiliate executives of the Ineos chemical company and their families.
The sinister unit – known as the ‘Leverage team’ – sent mobs of protesters to the homes of senior figures in the firm.
One director last night said he had feared for the safety of his wife and his two young children after 30 Unite protesters descended on his drive during the school holidays.
Police were called after the group approached his neighbours, telling them he was ‘evil’ in an apparent attempt to coerce him into giving in to their demands.
The daughter of another company boss had ‘Wanted’ posters denouncing her father posted through her front door hundreds of miles away in Hampshire.
The union agreed to call off the Leverage team only as part of the settlement of the dispute.
Yesterday, an unrepentant Unite spokesman said such activities were ‘legitimate in the context of an industrial dispute’, adding that ‘bad employers should have nowhere to hide’.
Yes, to the left this is a legitimate form of protest, similar to the Union of All Fascists (UAF) tactics against the EDL and other patriot groups and  used by various other leftard fanatics who see nothing wrong with violence and intimidation unless of course it's aimed at them.
The Union reps see nothing wrong with targeting individuals in ther disputes, yet would scream to high bloody heaven if management did the same to them.
Hypocrisy and the left are of course close bedfellows, the left has a history of doing and siding with all sorts of odious regimes and fanatics and frequently justifies violence by claiming that its all for the people, despite the fact that the left do not and never have really represented the people, merely themselves. Even at the beginning of WW2 the left because Hitler was at the time allied with Stalin tried to disrupt the war effort. Despite the known evils of the Soviet Union leftist after leftist visited and praised the peoples paradise of the Communist Block, even today the hypocrites still praise Cuba despite its locking up of dissenters.
It's about time that those on the left were viewed pretty much in the same way that Nazi's are, certainly the death toll in their regimes dwarfs that of the Nazis. Even the epithet 'fascist' a favourite of the left merely describes another authoritarian leftist system of government.
The union activists who did this thing should have been arrested under the 1994 public order act, that they weren't will merely give them the green light to attempt to intimidate by threatening families again.
But such is the left...

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