Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why the left simply cannot be trusted to be impartial

This story cropped up a day or so ago and involved a U.N. inspector and her report on the 'Bedroom Tax' despite it not being a tax at all. Turns out the Brazilian Inspector was a slave to leftard beliefs and only used information she got from non governmental and left leaning sources. Impartiality being a foreign concept to the weird politico-economic beliefs of the far left.
Furious Tories last night demanded the UN apologise for allowing a ‘loopy Brazilian leftie’ to attack the Government’s welfare reforms.
Iain Duncan Smith said Raquel Rolnik had undermined the impartiality of the UN with her ‘outrageous’ call for his housing benefit shake-up to be axed.
The Work and Pensions Secretary wants UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon to investigate the senior official’s conduct.
He said she had not asked ministers or officials for their input, adding: ‘I find it staggering that without this official information Mrs Rolnik feels she is in a position to be able to properly prescribe what the future of the policy should be.’
Senior UN officials have an open door to visit the UK but no specific invitation was extended to Mrs Rolnick.
She attended only one Whitehall meeting where the spare room subsidy was among the issues discussed and, according to officials, requested no further information.
However, briefing left-wing newspapers about her report, Miss Rolnik said: ‘My immediate recommendation is that the bedroom tax is abolished.
'I was very shocked to hear how many people feel abused in their human rights by this decision and why – being so vulnerable – they should pay for the cost of the economic downturn, which was brought about by the financial crisis.
That would be the financial crisis exacerbated in the UK by Labours left wing lunacy under Gordon Brown.
One of the major problems facing the UK is its benefits system which is far too wide ranging and has moved from being a safety net to a lifestyle choice for many people. Indeed when you tot up the benefits available to someone on them compared to someone who actually does work for a living then it's easy to see why such a lifestyle choice can be made. Also these days there's no public opprobrium to those who see the magic money tree of state benefits as a right, rather than a temporary measure till they get back on their feet.
Now I don't know if the Tories have the system right, or whether their reforms will founder on the rocks of intransigence and incompetence by public officials tasked to run the system, but at least they are trying to reform it.
As it is, we have a U.N. inspector popped in to do a report on the benefit reform and held only a 15 minute interview with the government, then swallowed down the propaganda of various leftard protest groups including the Daily Record in Scotland and used that as the basis for her deeply flawed report which seemed only to emphasise her own beliefs.
In short it was typical leftardism which applies its own 'truths' to any situation no matter what the real truth is nor what the facts of the matter are. What they believe is 'right' no matter what and no matter how often they change their truth to suit themselves. That's why they invariably end up running oppressive governments which use the threat of force to keep their unwilling subjects in line, whilst lining their own pockets. This plus they've never met an unpopular cause they didn't like, they opposed the UK's entry into WW2 until their beloved Soviet Union was attacked, they support the cult of islamism, multiculturalism, totalitarianism and anything which threatens the West.
Mrs Rolnick is of this calibre and her report made it all too clear why she is not a suitable inspector for anything.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to post a link, but Richard North on EUReferendum has an Article on this subject and I think it helps to explain a lot of the background to this. It also shows that the UN and the EU are far more powerful than we are led to believe.

ageing man said...

what ever she thinks she is... she has no authority...Mrs Rolnick is a fucking nut case.... to think I have to queue for god knows long to get back into this country with my English Passport, and yet we let this brazilian twat in....

I heard this woman on radio 4 and I don't know about imposing a bedroom tax...we should start imposing a brazilian twat tax....