Friday, September 13, 2013


The idiocy that happens in councils gets a pretty wide audience. Mostly to do with their sticking rigidly to the letter of a regulation rather than say use common sense...
A coastal village can now boast a new attraction - the country's smallest parking space.
The tiny gap in between two sets of double yellow lines measures in at just nine inches wide, just big enough to fit the wheels of a bicycle.
Residents of Burry Port, Carmarthenshire have now gone to town with the gaffe - mocking officials who left the space by parking toy cars in the spot.
However, Carmarthshire Council bosses have revealed there is a real reason why workmen didn't fill in the space.
One set of yellow lines are on a public road owned by the local authority, while the others are on a private road which leads to the local GP surgery.
Oh those crazy Welsh councils eh?
The thing that gets me is that someone actually had to go out there and decide where one road started and another ended and decided that there was a 9 inch gap between the two sets of lines. Then you have the workmen who actually went ahead and did it anyway...

Still... rules is rules.
Particularly if you work for the government... local or national.

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selsey.steve said...

Wucking fanckers!
All of them.