Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lest we forget.

We are at war with a barbaric, totalitarian, fascistic, thought control system masquerading as a religion. It places its own above everyone else and delineates downward treating others as dirt beneath their feet to be subdued, conquered, raped, defrauded, used and abused. It recognises no equals, not even between men and women and our politicians have allowed it to take root in our country.
There should be no place for islam in a civilised society... not now, not ever.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, an Islamic country invaded us, killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, hanged the head of state, left enough depleted uranium to ensure that the population will die out, stole our resources, and today hosted the world's biggest arms fair. As you say, they have no place in a civilized society.

Anonymous said...

QM, the Islamic religion is a load of nonsense and multiculturalism is worse. The State puts food on the bird table and then wants us to hate the birds. They have imported a ready-made enemy to distract the English as our pockets are being picked. The Muslims don't take my taxes and so I ignore them if they leave me alone. The fact that some of them caused the disaster as we remember today might have something more to do with US foreign policy than anything else.
Just sayin'.

Quiet_Man said...

And what muslim countries had we invaded at the time of the twin towers atrocity pray tell?
We went into Iraq and Afghanistan after the incident.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mention invasion, but the previous military adventures include Sinai, Libya, the Persian gulf, Kuwait, and there's probably more, including support for Israel. The big stuff after WTC was inevitable, if you have a big hammer any problem looks like a nail. The problem ie WTC was a criminal act and therefore not a reason to invade a country that had a civilian populace and arguably a government that had no hand in the WTC attack.

DerekP said...

I'm not with richard on nuking them and walking away ("if you have a big hammer any problem looks like a nail"), but there really is no denying that whether you ignore Muslim issues or address them constructively, whatever you do the Lefties and Muslims will laughably try to take the moral high-ground and lecture you about the time, money and lives you should have wasted doing only what they want.

Anonymous said...

I think people will find that the Ottoman Empire (Muslims) tried to take over much of Europe long before then. The Moors certainly had control over Spain for sometime.

Western foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa in the 20th Century was truly abysmal. Carving up the Ottoman Empire and creating many of the countries that we seen today. We indeed have a responsibility. But to slaughter, yes slaughter, innocent people to seek revenge is just barbaric !

What has it achieved ? How much better are they for it ?

Those attacks on 9/11 emboldened some Jihadi extremists and gave them a sense of purpose, if you could call killing innocent people and yourself purposeful.

Equally innocent Muslims have been marked because of a few and we are seeing them begin to challenge every aspect of our lives.

People are seriously looking into what legacy have we left future generations in this country.

But I hope we are able to turn the corner and start to challenge and push out some of the nastier elements amongst us.