Thursday, September 19, 2013

This wouldn't happen anywhere else

Local councils and government along with the state waste millions on translation services for people who really ought to be speaking the recognised language of the country. Whilst a case can be made for providing Welsh translations in Wales and Scots Gaelic in Scotland, there's no excuse for it in England. Not that you can tell that to the councillors in the islamic republic of Tower Hamlets...
Controversial Tower Hamlets council, which has one of the largest migrant communities in Britain, made the announcement last night after a Bangladeshi man started addressing councillors in Bengali.
The man, who had been listed to ask a question about a local issue in east London, walked to the podium and microphone and spoke for several seconds in Bengali before the Speaker, Lesley Pavitt, asked him to stop.
She said he must speak in English, but he replied that he struggled with the language.
He told the 51 councillors, of whom 30 are of Bangladeshi origin and Bengali speakers, that he should be allowed to continue in his mother tongue.
But a senior council official replied that had he given the town hall enough notice, an official interpreter would have been booked.
The official said he could delay his question until next month’s meeting when a professional would attend.
Oddly enough the people in Tower Hamlets will have to pay for this professional, not the guy asking the question in a tongue which is foreign to this country. Welcome to the lunacy which is multiculturalism in the UK though where every person who does not have a grasp of English needs to have a (free) translator provided for them at our expense.
What should have happened at the meeting was that the guy asking the question be charged for the privilege of asking it in Bengali. If his English isn't good enough, he should have brought along someone whose English was, not be told that he would get his own free professional at ratepayers cost.
Btw this is the same Tower Hamlets council who gives £185,000 a year in grants to community groups who provide free Bengali “mother tongue” classes for children after school... rather than English lessons, you know the language of the country they live in. If their parents want them to speak Bengali, that's their problem, not the problem of a council you'd think?
This is why I believe that the end result of multiculturalism so beloved of leftards will inevitably lead to civil war.

3 annotations:

Dioclese said...

Ain't multiculturalism just wonderful...?

Anonymous said...

I just hope that I am not around when this happens. I will not fight for people, namely White Middle class Intellectual Marxists, hiding in the corner wondering why their golden Multi-Culti-Culture-Navanah not materialized as planned.

Budvar said...

Anon, I shouldn't worry yourself too much about that mate. Those who Stalin would term the "Useful idiots", are invariably the first with that deer in the headlights look on their faces just before someone starts to hack off their head with a rusty knife..