Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hopefully we'll do nothing of the kind

It was the boy Clegg's speech at the Lib Dem conference snoozefest and it seems his inability to connect with what voters actually want and what he and his leftardalikes want is at polar opposites. After all, what else can you think about what Cleggy boy wants when he comes up with these as Lib Dem achievements...equal marriage, retaining the Human Rights Act and teaching climate change in school and believes it's something the public wants despite opinion poles saying that no, it isn't.
Still it does take the biscuit when he demands this...
The Lib Dems must be part of a coalition government after the next election to stop the Tories or Labour "messing up", Nick Clegg tells his party conference.
"We are the only party that can finish the job of economic recovery, but finish it fairly," he told the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow.
After three years of coalition Britain was now a "step closer" to the death of single party government, he claimed.
He said Lib Dems had proved wrong the critics who said coalition would never work - but he also looked ahead to the next election, saying that "left to their own devices" Labour or the Tories would "mess it up".
Speaking openly about forming a power sharing deal with the two bigger parties - something he avoided doing before the last election - he said: "Labour would wreck the recovery. The Conservatives would give us the wrong kind of recovery."

Apart from the fact that he got the bit about Labour messing up the economy right, which frankly wasn't difficult it's what Labour do after all, he does appear to be of the opinion that the Lib Dems have not been anything but an albatross around the neck of the Tories and is only sharing power because Cameron single-handedly threw away the last election against the most unpopular Labour government and Prime Minister in living memory. It was a sort of CeauČ™escu moment for the boy Clegg and it appeared that he may be standing giving the speeches whilst his party decide just how to make themselves unelectable by other means than the deeply unpopular Clegg mandate.
Still I guess the Lib Dems on the street will carry on making it up as they go along and ignore their leading buffoon as most of the rest of the country does until they get rid of him and put someone in place to lead them back to respectable obscurity only fit for the odd protest vote.

3 annotations:

Humph said...

I think the guy is actually seriously deluded. The Limp Dums are going to be crucified at the next election, absolutely crushed into oblivion. And he's going to be out of a job which is about what he deserves. Good riddance to them say I.

Anonymous said...

A tweet from a Mail journo:
'Clegg has just outlined 16 Tory policies he has blocked. The vast majority are popular with voters.'

Anonymous said...

I would not quite write-off the Lib Dems. They maintained the seat vacated by the liar Huhne, and form part of a coalition government despite losing 2 seats in the last GE.

The problem for the electorate is that their is no real choice and they are all equally dreadful.

I think the 2015 GE could end up being a bit of a damp squib electorally, with far fewer people turning out than ever before.

So, who or whatever form the next government, won't have much of a mandate. Not that will either stop them from spending out money.

Bastards !