Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Other people's money

It's the party political conference season and currently the Lib Dems are trying to dig themselves into an early grave by raids upon the taxpayer to pay for goodies for people who don't contribute. Other than a leaked email telling the world that they intend a mansion tax (again) coupled by a tax raid on anyone earning above £50,000 who they reckon are on a “very large salary” and should pay more income tax. They also announced that the taxpayer is going to have to pay for all infants attending school in the UK to get free dinners...
All pupils at infant schools in England are to get free school lunches from next September, Lib Dem leader and Deputy PM Nick Clegg has announced.
The change - for children in reception, year one and year two - will save parents about £400 a year per child.
Targeting infants would ensure "every child gets the chance in life they deserve", teach healthy eating habits and boost attainment, Mr Clegg said.
Magic money tree economics at its best, no doubt parents with infants will think 'oh goody' whilst those of us who don't will probably think 'the thieving bastards, dipping into my pockets again' or something along those lines.
But Labour said the Lib Dems could not be trusted to deliver.
And Labour would know, they're past masters on taking the piss when it comes to financing those they see as worthy.
Still no doubt this will make the Lib Dems somewhat popular with parents of infants, though like as not, no one else. They'd rather take money from us all and spunk it up the wall than actually take less money off us and make us all a little better off. Special interests rather than general interests.
It makes for good headlines, but so far no one (on the BBC is asking just how much this is going to cost, though judging by the leaked email on the tax raid, I suspect one group of people have a pretty good idea.

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